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A Pick of the Top PC Games on Sale Now

by Soft2share.com

With new games appearing on the shelves every day, it can become a maze working out where to spend your hard earned money. Let’s take a look at the top 5 picks for games out right now…


Number 5 – Aliens: Colonial Marines

The latest incarnation of the popular Aliens series on the PC, this first person shoot ’em up captures all the atmosphere of the Alien movies. Using actual locations from the movie series, this game is a real winner for fans of the franchise. Play in single player or co-op mode in the United States Colonial Marine Squad, taking down hoards of monstrous alien attackers.

Number 4 – Bioshock: Infinite

An action/spy game set in the imaginary floating city of Columbus in 1912. A private investigator searches for a missing woman who appears to have disappeared into the mysterious city, a city said to be filled with unstable minds and dangerous weapons. This game is filled with jaw-dropping graphics that require a sturdy graphics card, but it’s well worth it. One of the coolest looking games ever made. Comprising this list is tricky, because if you’re looking for the top 10 PC games, all three Bioshock games would be included. As it’s only 5, this is the latest and best of the bunch.

Number 3 – The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

An expansion of The Walking Dead’s TV series world, this game sees you lead brothers, Merle and Daryl on their violent and dangerous journey to Atlanta. Zombie hoards and untrustworthy people abound as you behead and crossbow your way through the dangers in the hope of finding somewhere safe to sleep the night. Strategy and threat assessment is the name of the game, though getting into trouble is half the fun. Avoid things like setting off car alarms if you want to avoid dozens of the Undead coming for your sweet brains.

Number 2 – Street Fighter X Mega Man

Street Fighter 2 and Mega Man both shared a 25th anniversary recently, so to commemorate this mark in history a joint game was released. This retro style winner pits the classic Mega Man character against all the famous Street Fighter 2 characters in old-school 8bit-looking warfare. Take each Street Fighter character’s powers as you defeat them and make your way to the big finale. A great piece of retro fun for long term gamers.

Number 1 – SimCity

The originators of the world-building game engine returns with its most ambitious effort yet. This super powerful game allows you to create a world of your choosing and run it however you want. Utilising the power of modern PCs, this entry into the SimCity franchise looks and plays exceptionally well. The push into multi-player online gaming allows you to exist in the same world as other players and friends, whilst still developing your part of the universe the way you see fit. It’s a fittingly adventurous and ambitious game for the next gen of powerful gaming PCs.

 Steve Dunn has been reviewing and recommending games for the PC market for more than 15 years, both online and in print. So, if you’re looking for the top 10 PC games or the latest expansion packs, his recommendations are there to inspire you to make the right choice.

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