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A Rheem Air Handler Can Make Life More Comfortable

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Occasionally, an HVAC set up needs a little help circulating the air. The addition of an air handler can help the heating and air conditioning results in a home or office. The Rheem Air Handler is designed to accomplish the task. Quiet and efficient, the Rheem Air Handler comes in a variety of designs.

More Designs Than You Can Shake a Stick At

Rheem doesn’t just make an excellent air handler. They make a wide variety of equipment to meet everyone’s needs. Some of the air handler models available from Budget Air Supply are:

• Hydronic Air Handler with Integrated Heating and Water Heating capability
• High Efficiency Modulating Air Handler w/ CFM Motor and Factory Installed Indoor Coil
• High Efficiency Two-Stage Air Handler with CFM Motor and Factory Installed Aluminum Coil
• Hydronic Air Handler with Integrated Heating and Water Heating with Tankless Technology
• High Efficiency Constant Torque Air Handler with Aluminum Coil
• High Efficiency Front or Bottom Return Compact Design with Aluminum Coil

America’s Best Manufacturer of Heating and Air Conditioning Products and More

Rheem has been around a long time and is well known in the HVAC industry. For almost a century, Rheem has engineered leading edge HVAC products as well as a number of other products for heating and cooling, water heating, pool and spa heating as well as commercial refrigeration. Rheem is the largest manufacturer in America today.

Throughout their history, Rheem has always put the customer first. Their products are always leading edge technology, which other manufacturers adopt for their own product lines. Rheem has achieved many successes and been an innovator in heating and air conditioning equipment since the company was founded in 1925.

Budget Air Supply Knows Rheem Delivers What They Promise

As a seller of high-quality products, Budget Air Supply knows how important it is for customers to be satisfied not only with the products delivered but also the company behind those products. Budget Air Supply delivers the kind of customer service many companies hope for but few achieve. They promise to provide the best products with the best customer service at the best prices. Just like Rheem, Budget Air Supply knows no matter which product a customer selects, they have the experience, knowledge, understanding and desire to satisfy every customer’s need.

Longevity At a Great Price

The Rheem Air Handler is a great product and it can solve many issues related to poor efficiency in heating or air conditioning a home or office. The choices and variety of products in the Rheem Air Handler line of products is impressive and engineered to meet a wide range of environments and applications. Quiet and efficient operation is coupled with highly efficient motors, which require less electricity to get their job done. That saves money and increases the lifespan of the air handler. Value is created when the costs of equipment can be spread out over many years of successful use.

Budget Air Supply Keeps Their Customers Comfortable

When a heating or air conditioning system isn’t functioning properly, life can be miserable. At home or in the office, it means being too hot or too cold and the search begins for a technician to fix the problem. That can be a scary thing. Some technicians can play games with the HVAC and end up charging a lot of money for what should have been a simple fix.

Rheem eliminates the question mark by having its dealers certified in repair and maintenance of their systems before they become a Rheem dealer. The training and skills Rheem technicians receive is second to none. Rheem also has a hotline for customer service needs to help resolve any questions or problems that may arise.

Budget Air Supply is Your One Stop Shop For Rheem Technology

Go online to BudgetAirSupply.com and see what all the excitement is about. Rheem products sold by Rheem dealers are hard to beat and so are the great deals at Budget Air Supply.

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