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A Touch of Vintage – Decor Piece Ideas for Your Room

by Soft2share.com

If you’re someone who is a sucker for vintage collections, then it only makes sense that they are a part of your décor. The spirits of vintage elements in any space are soaring high in the interior décor industry. However, adding way too much of vintage into just one area can sometimes be too overwhelming. Whereas minimalistic touches can give your room a chic and shabby look to it.

While many décor trends come and go, vintage home décor is something that will always be treasures and valued time and time again. While you can add vintage touch through means of textures and materials, you can also add it through elements and objects. Here are a few versatile vintage items that are worth getting your hands on for your room.

Post Card Wall Décor – Collectibles

Sadly, post cards have remained to be something of the past in terms of its actual purpose. But its sentimental value and beauty are loved by many across the generations. Some even take up the hobby of collecting vintage post cards and for people as such, putting up a wall décor with the collection would be a creative way to go!

Type Writers – A vintage conversation

While typewriters are still in use today by many well-known writers, they date way before technology advanced into computers and laptops. Whether you’re a writer yourself or not, owning a typewriter on you work or study area can add a touch of vintage to the space.

Retro Vinyl Players – Music to the ears

Who doesn’t enjoy good music every now and then? If you’re someone who loves to listen to music the old-style way, then you have got to get your hands on record players. Not only are they a precious sight to the eyes but melody to the ears too. Not to mention a worthy decor element.

Ladder Rack – A vintage aesthetic

Isn’t it so much better to own a decor piece than can be used as more than just an ornamental object? With a rustic vintage ladder rack, you can hang clothes, throw blankets and even towels to make the space more like a storage device whilst being a great touch to your interior.

Brass Candle Holders – A vintage ambience

If not for anything, you can at least use them for romantic candle lit dinners. While most candle holders tend to be just an ornamental statement, many forget that it can actually be of use too! The vintage touch is achieved both with a candle lit and unlit. So, if you love having candles in your room, what better way to go vintage than with a few brass candle holders.

A few other creative ideas that you can come up with includes the ancient telephone, olden styled luggage – which can also be used as storage devices – as well as other vintage collectible wall decors. Afterall, vintage is the new aesthetic. Let us know if this was helpful for you!

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