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Advantages of Zimbra Mail Server For Your Business

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G Suite & Microsoft 365 are the email collaboration suite leader with a solid reputation. Despite this, Zimbra Collaboration Suite put forward a resilient value proposition that has momentum in its space.

How does Zimbra dominate the mail server industry?

While the list is quite lengthy, here are 10 of the top advantages of Zimbra On Cloud platform for your business.

#Top 10 Zimbra Collaboration Potential Benefits

Zimbra Collaboration, previously known as Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is a commercial mail server and a web client that is initially developed by LiquidSys that runs on Linux Server distributions. Plus, it can be run on Windows Server with the help of virtual machine & container technology.

No doubt! The popularity of Zimbra Mail Server is progressive among small and medium businesses. Its implementation in the business environment makes a lot of sense as it streamlines mail workflow and also makes them secure at reasonable costs.

Let’s dig into the exquisite features of Zimbra.

1. Secured Email Server

Zimbra facilitates the comprehensive mailing solution including email, shared calendar, online document sharing, video calling, real-time chat collaboration, online secure drive storage, advanced searching capabilities, end-to-end encryption, integration with anti-spam & email archival, and much more. It makes sure a unified interface which is ready for deployment on the remote servers or on-premise servers.

2. Employees Can Work From Anywhere

The availability of Zimbra webmail client makes it possible for the users to access the Zimbra mailbox across devices from anywhere in the world in the presence of an active internet connection.

Being hosted on the cloud server, one can view the emails, calendars, and contacts on the go. You can also use Zimbra from Mac / Linux / Windows machine as long as you have an internet connection. It is good for those who work remotely and need flexibility.

3. Synchronization

Zimbra provides the feature of data synchronization. One can easily synchronize mailbox data, contacts, and calendar information with open-source mail clients such as Thunderbird / Evolution and with popular proprietary software like Mac Mail and Microsoft Outlook, either with the help of connectors or ActiveSync protocol, both of them are exclusively present in the commercial version of ZCS. In addition, you can also receive the two-way sync with many mobile devices.

4. Benefit to Administration

There are ‘n’ numbers of benefits to the administration. All the points are listed here.

  • Lower TCO
  • Comprehensive Hierarchical Storage Management for smooth access
  • Facilitate support to multiple domains
  • One can restore a single mailbox at any point-in-time
  • Backup & Anti-spam facility
  • Feature-rich, Ajax-oriented interface
  • Get the real-time system activity on the navigable dashboard
  • Unified command-line tools facility
  • Availability of SOAP APIs for the execution of administration action
  • Consolidated server and storage
  • Compatibility with existing hardware infrastructure
  • Open Formats
  • Substantial elimination in the storage
  • Bi-directional integration with enterprise-level applications
  • Can connect with Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc..
  • Single Sign-on, TLS / SSL
  • HTML rendering
  • Secured mail attachment opening
  • Multi-level caching
  • Active Directory & LDAP intergration
  • Inbuilt SpamAssassin & Clam AV
  • Offer compatibility with existing anti-spam through Postfix
  • Availability of open-source Zimbra

5. Self Organized Mailbox & Shared Calendar

Zimbra offers a clean and navigable mailbox with powerful and fast search capabilities. As well as, provide the option of saved searches across folders. You can also view conversations across the mail folders. The availability of FILTER also makes it awesome.

A smooth and powerful calendar is required by every organization to the lineup every meeting on time. Zimbra offers group scheduling and calendar sharing too. Also, you can export the calendar in ICS format and can import it into another .ics compatible client.

6. Zimbra Cloud Allows Real-Time Collaboration

It is obvious that different employees working on the same project. For which, they require real-time collaboration, that fulfill by Zimbra as data is stored in the cloud instead of local machines.

7. Customers get Higher Uptime and Reliability

If your Zimbra is hosted on the cloud and for some reason, the server is not available, the system immediately switches to the secondary resources to  provide you uninterrupted mailing service.

Hold On, There’s More

Here we’ve only enlisted the common benefits of what your business can do with the Zimbra mailing solution. In short, Zimbra can provide you with all the essential features that are needed by micro, small, and medium-size business companies for their communicative purposes.

Cost-effectiveness is also a huge factor when compared to Zimbra with similar corporate solutions. This is the reason major brands deploying Zimbra servers without any hesitation, in the last few years.

If all the advantages of the Zimbra mail server excite you, then schedule a free mailing solution consultation with NetForChoice, a leading data center company in India. Feel free to contact us at 0120-4578842 / +91- 9887280808.

What are you waiting for?

Deploy Zimbra in your business and see the enormous impact in email communication workflow.

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