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AidaForm Online Form Builder Review

by Soft2share.com

Creating online forms is arguably the most popular way to collect data online. Forms are commonly used on websites as well as social media and other platforms to gather feedback, conduct market research, capture leads, and more.

The main difficulty with creating or customizing online forms is it requires code – specifically HTML and CSS at very least. If you’d looking for an uncomplicated alternative however, AidaForm would be a good place to start.

AidaForm – An Overview

To put it simply, AidaForm is an online form creator designed to allow users to build online forms themselves without any code at all. It has a graphical interface that will let you construct your form using ‘building blocks’ for different fields and positioning them the way that you want to.

The design and appearance of the form that you create can be customized just as easily in AidaForm. In fact you can not only adjust the colors and styles, but also add branding elements if you need to.

All in all AidaForm will enable you to create any type of form that you require. That in turn will expand the ways in which you can use forms on your website – or even elsewhere. More importantly because of the fact that you can customize the forms that you create, you will have full control over them and can make sure they are effective.

Features That Set AidaForm Apart

While it is true that there are other tools to create online forms out there, none can match the capabilities that AidaForm brings to the table. Its features are diverse, and with them you can:

  • Use various types of templates to create online forms more quickly, or as a starting point that you can customize further.
  • Add different types of fields to your form, including multiple-choice questions, lists, and so on.
  • Extend the functionality of your form with special fields for Google Maps, CAPTCHA, file uploads, Paypal payments, and more.
  • Apply themes to stylize your form easily, and customize them further so that its appearance fits your website or branding elements.
  • Publish forms without any hassle by either copying and pasting the code or linking to them directly.
  • Analyze the data collected by your forms conveniently with the visualizations in the interface.
  • Export the data from submissions in popular formats such as Google Sheets or Excel documents to allow them to be used in other software.
  • Take advantage of the built-in integration with MailChimp or Zapier if you require.


In short AidaForm isn’t just user-friendly, but it packs a punch too – and its features will let you create any type of form conceivable. If you want to see exactly what it can do you should go ahead and try it out firsthand.

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