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Amazon Moves to be the Grocery Store of the Future

by Soft2share.com

Few people would argue with the suggestion that the internet has been one of the largest – if not THE largest – catalyst of change over the past 20 years. Over the last few years, this change has been visible in tangible ways – namely, the change in the type of brick-and-mortar business that you see on a daily basis in malls, retail centers and downtown areas.


Ten years ago, your average shopping mall would be home to at least one book store, as well as multiple retailers of items such as compact discs and DVDs. Although digital entertainment through the internet was already becoming popular, most people still went to physical stores to purchase books, movies and music. These days, both independent retailers and massive chains have gone out of business as increasing numbers of people have begun using sites like Amazon.com to purchase these items.

While consumers continue to convert to online shopping for things like books, movies, music, appliances and electronics – there is one substantial facet of shopping that is just beginning to change: that would be shopping for groceries.

Just like Amazon has revolutionized the world of shopping for books (and almost everything else), now Amazon is primed to revolutionize the world of shopping for groceries. This is thanks to the now active AmazonFresh site. AmazonFresh delivers items like fresh produce, meats, fish, frozen goods like ice cream, fresh beverages and household items directly to customers’ homes in special vehicles and packaging designed to keep everything fresh. While AmazonFresh is currently only available in Seattle and Los Angeles, it is poised to soon take over the country, and the world of grocery shopping will never be the same.

Amazon has been offering an extensive variety of grocery items for quite some time. Like anything else ordered on the site, users are able to easily browse the extensive selection of food items and with a few clicks have their purchases sent to their front door. Of course, this shopping can be done from home – or anywhere else – any time of the day or night. This is much more than can be said about traditional grocery shopping. Along with their traditionally quick shipping options, these are some significant advantages to shopping for groceries on Amazon.

When it comes to fresh food, a lot of people still want to see what they’re buying; the color, the freshness, the shape and everything else that people experience with their food choices. Imagine when your biggest problem was how to choose the best internet provider and now has shifted to how to choose your vegetables over the internet.

In order to take advantage of these innovations in shopping, a good internet connection is a necessity. A broadband connection is not only a conduit to a world of information and entertainment, but also the advantages of modern shopping. As the internet continues to transform the world, a fast, reliable connection is a must to avoid being left behind.

Amazon was particularly influential in the transformation of the literary marketplace. It is common knowledge that Amazon transformed the retail book world with the Kindle, but not everybody remembers the online behemoth actually started out as a book retailer in 1995. It is from there that Amazon was able to become one of the main catalysts of the way people have moved their buying habits from physical stores to online retailers.


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