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Amidst the Beauty of Havelock island

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Havelock Island is considered to be the most attractive island and as the first home since humans existed. This place is all covered with tropical rainforest and sparkling blue waters splashing all over golden and silver sand dunes. This place is an ideal destination for adventure seekers as you can satisfy all your crawings of water sports. This place strives to give you an environ of peace and the blue stream will splash you up with freshness and newness. The green forest, shining golden and silver sand dune, clear roads and picturesque view are enough to help you rejuvenate your mind. 

The kingdom Havelock

The Havelock Kingdom strives to provide you with the best comfortable and convenient stay that will help you to lead a memorable vacation. Main aim of the kingdom is to provide you with all the needs you seek to be satisfied with your vacation. The kingdom is manned with ever present helpers who will cater all your needs guileless. You will be given a warm welcome at first and drool – worthy delicacies that will smack your taste buds. The kingdom itself ensures rendering hospitality like a home away from home experience. The kingdom is well designed to satisfy your needs by giving you sumptuous and plush stay. You will be accommodated in a room endowed with all the facilities like T.V. , A/C, capacious wardrobe, spacious rooms, well equipped toiletries, and balcony that will open to a picturesque view. 

Register your luxurious accommodation

To make your vacation memorable comfortable, adventurous and yet a private affai. We will accommodate you in a room full of all luxure and facilitation. To make your stay the most comfortable one we provide the best Havelock Island Resorts . Waking up to a beautiful surrounding endowed with nature like carefree dancing coconut trees, splash of sparkling blue water singing different songs of enjoyment is just like a fairy tale coming in the real world. 

A/C Deluxe Rooms

You will be given a 24×7 convenience from our working members and accommodated in a lavishly structured, well facilitated room. The immaculate and fresh aura provided to you will transform your mind into another world. The rooms are endowed with spacious and capacious wardrobe inbuilt balcony and neatly tiled floors. 

A/C Duplex Cottage

A/C Duplex Cottage in Havelock is the only introduced A/C duplex cottage in the area with a high bar of facilitation provided. We provide you an ambience of privacy and eco – friendly milieu spacious, capacious and well maintained wardrobe, neat and clean tiled floor to make your vacation lavishly amazing. 

Adventurous places to explore 

Elephant Beach 

For adventure seekers and sports lovers this beach is an ideal destination. This beach offers a picturesque view that will attract you in every bit of it. Underwater marine life and other adventurous water sports will spellbound you, and will urge you to pay your visit again and again. Diving, swimming, trekking, snorkelling, kayaking are some fun beach activities one must experience in a lifetime. 

Radhanagar Beach 

Andaman Island is endowed with the beauty of different beaches and Radhanagar Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Asia. To chill amidst the beauty of earth and sky, this beach offers you the best spot. 

Vijaynagar Beach 

One of the best beaches of Andaman and is not so far from the beautiful Port Blair. Thus Beach allows water sports like marine diving, swimming and witnessing aquatic life and many more water sports. This Beach is the best spot to witness the amazing aspect of nature and its belongings


This captivating kingdom offers you a tariff that will suit your budget. The Havelock Island Tour Package is one of the most adjustable tariff you will find to explore the beauty Andaman offers. 


While enjoying the peaceful milieu of the beaches you can also enjoy the activities this place offers. You can take a walk on the shining golden and silver sand dunes in this tropical paradise. You will be guided while exploring the sea underwater. You can enjoy breathtakingly beautiful underwater marine life with your loved one. Fishing is one of the main sports and other adventurous water sports like scuba diving, kayaking, snorkelling will thrill your inside out. 

A spine tingling and enticing vacation awaits your presence in the kingdom Havelock. 

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