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An Extensive Guide to Buy New Gadget (Phone, Laptop or Tablet)

by Soft2share.com

Gadgets are everywhere these days. See anyone on New York streets, they all have one or more gadgets either in there bags or pockets. If you would compare lifestyle of peoples 5-6 years ago and now you would see that there has been a drastic change in lifestyle of peoples. Well this article is for people who are recently planning to buy new gadget, I have got all necessary things in this article which one must check before buying it. So whether it is phone, laptop or tablet this article is applicable to all gadget purchases…Without wasting much time let us begin with first of all talking about things to take care while buying mobile phones.

Phones –

extensive guide to buy phone

As technology has increased mobile phone markets has also grown so fast in couple of years. There are lots of new brands which are competing with flagship mobile phone brands like Apple and Samsung! The best example one can give of this is One Plus. It is recently established phone brand and earlier they were into making Custom ROMS of Android operating system. Right now they build amazing devices and sell their own phones with there custom ROMs called as Cyanogen Mod. There are lots of other brands like Xiaomi and many others. There phones are competing with flagship phones from Apple, Samsung & even Nexus.

So first thing which you should take care is buy phone from trustworthy brands, no doubt One plus & Xiaomi are very good brands. There are very less service stations of Xiaomi and One Plus but there phones are cheaper than other brand phones.

Buy phone by checking specifications, display size, dual-sim compatibility ( if you need ), memory cards slots and camera. These are the most important things to check while buying new phones. Some things may change as per your requirements.

Check for warranty or guarantee from phone manufacturer. This is the most important thing because if you face any issues with phone within warranty period, you can easily replace or get your phone fixed for free.

These are the few things which everyone should take care of while buying. We hope you find best phone for yourself.

See video to buy best phones –

Laptops –

extensive guide to buy laptop

Laptops are everywhere now, people likes to work on laptop rather than on personal computers. Reasons why people love laptops or conventional PC’s is they are smaller, can be carried anywhere so they are portable. They are also capable to deliver similar power out of it. What else do we need? These are the main benefits or reasons for buying a laptop.

Well if we look at laptop’s market than there aren’t much newer brands but those older ones are building laptops with better hardware, build quality and at cheaper prices than its competitors! Didn’t understood what I mean to say? Let me explain you that first with an example. If Dell has a business laptop called XPS 13 in a market which is priced at $1,000.00 than Lenovo will try to offer more specs, better build quality and at cheaper prices than Dell. I hope you are understanding the strategies of laptop makers here. Every brands are trying to make their laptops win in each categories whether it is gaming laptop or business laptops. This makes buying of new laptop much tougher for new buyers, because they don’t know which are better being a cheap! So make sure you are checking everything in a laptop you are buying or comparing. Check build quality, hardware specifications, check what things are missing and also check what you are getting instead of that. I know I’m sounding very difficult right now but this is bitter truth of laptop market right now. Though all laptops from leading laptop manufacturers are best and they does maintain there brand’s dignity so take a breath of relief and start searching for your new laptop by keeping few things in consideration stated below.

As I said earlier that there aren’t any new brands for laptops in past few years that doesn’t mean that number is 0. There are few brands but they are not much popular and may be there laptops are not much worth buying because they have extremely low number of service stations. May be! I put that up to you, if you think any laptop manufacturer is providing good service in your area than you should probably buy laptop of that brand. Well there are few giants like Dell, Lenovo, Asus, HP, Acer and oh yes Apple! Despite there products are overpriced in terms of hardware specs but there Mac OS is very lightweight compare to windows and can perform better even at lower specs. Even there laptops are beautifully made. OK Let me stop being an Apple Fan Boy here… Only thing I wanted to convey to you by this whole paragraph is you should buy laptop from trustworthy and well-known manufacturer who provides better service to there customers.

While buying laptops there are many things which you should take care first and foremost is your needs. Think first of all why you are buying laptop, I mean what tasks you are going to perform on your new laptop. If your work list contains works similar to – sending emails, accessing internet, editing docs and making presentations than you should probably buy cheap laptops which are generally priced in between $150-$200 or may be if you need more power and speed than go with laptops under $250-$300. That’s a pretty sweet budget according to me for such requirements, if you are looking forward to buy laptop under that budget than I found Tech Brij’s guide to buy cheap laptops within 200 dollars, it is best to pick windows laptops as well as chrome books under 200 dollars budget. You can even increase your budget to $400 or even $500 to get better performance but I only recommend to get over there if you are hunting for more performance. If you are buying $500 laptop for home to just listen music. Than that’s a clear wastage of money. If you are kind of person who likes to play games or perform some photo editing or video editing work than you can extend your budget up to $1000 as per your power requirement. There are laptops available between $600 – $800 budget which are just perfect for almost any works so I only recommend you to get $1000 laptop if you are into some serious gaming or editing business. There are laptops which will cost you more than even $2000 (see high end laptops)and yup among them some are overpriced too. I think those are for extreme power hunters who are into high end ultra 4k or may be 8k video renderings or some serious gaming and recording it.

The thing which I want to say is make sure you keep your needs in mind and buy laptop in that respective budget to buy laptop which can fulfill your requirements.

Other than that while picking laptop you must check the build quality, keyboard and touch pad response and using convenience, even mind what operating system it comes with, well you can go through laptop mag’s laptop buying guide its pretty dope guide to refer while buying laptop. I think that guide would explain almost all the things so lets just proceed to tablets.

Laptop Buying Guide for College Students –


Tablets –

guide to buy tablet

When it comes to ultra-portability, tablets are no way behind. The best definition or in general we can say that tablets are mini laptops with slightly lesser power(will be equally powerful in future) but highly portable devices. They come in variety of sizes from the ones which could fit into your pocket from bigger desk usable ones. Well tablets are best for editing purpose. Recently launched iPad Pro is the best example for that. It is ultra portable yet very useful device with iPencil. Again – Apple devices are overpriced! yet very attractive, powerful and best build. There are many tablets from Samsung, Sony & even Amazon Kindles are rocking the market for few peoples. Though there are variety of choices, we should pick best amongst all and that’s why you should go through the things to take care of while buying tablets…

First thing is taking care of new brands of-course, there are quite number china brands, yup you read it true there are some china brands which are selling android spoof of tablets in market so be aware of them. Though there are some good brands to buy tablet from and some of them are Apple, Samsung, HP, Acer, Asus etc. You may have noticed that these all brands are common even in laptops so this is dope according to me because it makes picking best tablets so easy.

Tablets comes with many different screen sizes like 7-9 inches, 11 inches and there are also 13-14 inch models. There are even models with SIM support so you can access internet with your tablet anywhere you take it. I would probably pick tablet with Sim card slot because I love being connected to internet everywhere I go. Other than that mind camera of tablet, if you like taking images with tablet all the time.

You should even buy a tablet with bigger battery and the one which can sustain your whole day routine work. Many a times, browser on your tablet will start giving dns_probe_finished_no_internet error, which you can resolve easily.

Tablet Buying Guide (Video) –


That’s it folks, there are many other gadgets but these are the few of the most common gadgets which people use all day. I hope this guide helps you in buying best phone, tablet & laptop for yourself. If this guide helped you, than help us by sharing this article on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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