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AOMEI PE Builder Review

by Soft2share.com

When your computer can’t enter Windows normally, how to do? If you have a bootable CD on hand, you can put it into CD-ROM, then set boot from CD. Then you can fix error in the Windows recovery environment. Now, not only CD, but also USB can be bootable media. We bought bootable CD before, but now, we can create bootable USB drive by ourselves. With a tool called AOMEI PE Builder, you can easily to build your own bootable media.

AOMEI PE Builder is a freeware developed by AOMEI Technology. When we mention this company, many people will think about its two famous products: free partition manager – AOMEI Partition Assistant and free backup software – AOMEI Backupper. Fortunately, these two software are integrated in AOMEI PE Builder. You can use them in the PE environment created by AOMEI PE Builder freely.

The bootable environment is based on Windows PE but different with Windows PE. AOMEI PE environment has a user-friendly graphical interface and a familiar Windows environment, including desktop, Windows explorer, start menu, taskbar, etc. While Windows PE is using commands. When you create a bootable environment via AOMEI PE Builder, you don’t need to install AIK/WAIK, which will save you lots of time.

AOMEI PE Builder will help you to create a custom bootable environment because it supports adding files and drives as you like. What’s better, AOMEI PE Builder has many practical built-in applications.


Useful Utilities built-in AOMEI PE Builder:

7-Zip: a file archiver with a high compression ratio

Everything: a search engine that locates files and folders by filename instantly for Windows.

IrfanView:  a very fast, compact and innovative FREEWARE image viewer/converter

Notepad++: an editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages.

SumatraPDF: a free PDF, eBook, XPS, DjVu, CHM reader for Windows.

Q-Dir: Quad Explorer, makes your files and folder easy to manage.

Recuva: a supremely user-friendly file recovery tool.

PENetwork: a small utility to install and manage different network settings in a Windows PE.

Filezilla: a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with lots of useful features.

QTWeb: lightweight, secure and portable browser having unique user interface.

OSFMount: allows the analysis of disk images and mount image as a virtual drive.

BOOTICE: allows you to modify, backup and restore the MBR and the Partition Boot Record.

NTPWEdit: A password editor, it can change or remove passwords for local system accounts.


This free tool supports both Windows PC and Server. So, if you are looking for a program to build custom bootable media, AOMEI PE Builder is a good choice. With a bootable media in hand, don’t worry about system crash any more.

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