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Are your Employees Demotivated?

by Soft2share.com

A recent study carried out by Dale Carnegie found that the biggest factor influencing engagement and disengagement in the workplace was the relationship between the employee and their supervisor. A motivated workforce is a happy workforce and in order to get the best out of your employees, it is essential that they are engaged. Here are four easy ways to motivate your employees.


Provide an Incentive

In order for your business to be successful, it is essential that all of your employees are working towards a common goal. Your employees should be aware of what your business goals are. To make sure that everyone is on the same page, send round a form via email to discover what your employees think these goals are. This will give you an idea of who is on the right track and who isn’t. Call a meeting where you run through these important business goals and then you can relax in the knowledge that everyone in your company is now working together to achieve these results. However, while your employees may be aware of your company goals, this doesn’t mean that they are all as passionate about it as you are. Giving your employees a financial incentive to work hard can lead to increased productivity in the workplace as well as an engaged workforce.

Dish Out Praise

If you only give out feedback when an employee gets it wrong, you could be to blame for a demotivated workforce. A few words of encouragement go a long way and employees like to be told that they are doing a great job and get credit where credit is due. Take an interest in the projects that your employees are working on and get to know which of your staff members are putting in a stellar performance. Praising your employees regularly is simple and it won’t cost you a penny.

Mentor Them

As mentioned above, taking an interest in the hard work that your employees are putting in is essential if you want to engage them but taking this a step further can benefit both the employee and the organisation. Mentor your employees and suggest ways in which they can advance in the company and suggest relevant training programmes that could help improve their core skills. Take an interest in their individual career paths and this will ensure that all of your employees feel like a valued part of the team.

Upgrade your Software

Investing in the latest technology from a company like Cornerstone on Demand can help you to connect with your employees on a whole new level. You can track an employee’s progress online and provide them with actions that can help them progress in their individual roles.

So, there you have it, four ways to motivate your employees and increase productivity in the workplace.

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