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Augmented Reality Apps and Mobile App Development | Silver-Solutions

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What Is Mobile App Development?

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives – messengers, social networks, music players, reminders, online banking clients, maps, various mobile books, etc. All these have made our life much easier, haven’t they?

Today we’re going to discuss mobile app development. What is it? Mobile app development is a process of building applications for handheld devices. Depending on the operating system (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc.), mobile app developers use different tech stack to develop apps.

Mobile app development is a multi-stage process that involves various software engineers (or simple developers), UX/ UI designers, quality assurance engineers, etc. Building an app isn’t as simple as it may seem.

Being one of the top augmented reality and mobile app development companies in Canada, Silver-Solutions.net has developed hundreds of mobile apps for various industries. And today we’re going to speak about the next big trend.

Augmented Reality App Development In Short

It’s clear today that augmented reality or AR is the next big mobile trend. Pokemon Go has already attained massive success and made people go out and explore the surrounding world hunting for pokemons. Lots of people regardless of their age or status got obsessed with the idea to catch all of the pokemons.

Augmented reality apps have proved that they are worth investing. AR apps can solve a wide range of problems in various industries. But still, the gaming industry is the pioneer in the development of augmented reality mobile apps.

In a technical sense, AR id a technology enriching the real word with digital information such as 3D models, GPS data, audio, graphics, and any other computer-generated inputs. AR allows superimposing on real-world objects that people see through a camera of a PC, smartphones, tablets, or camera-enabled glasses.

How to Find Augmented Reality Companies in Canada?

Mobile app development is one of the main business spheres all over the world. And Canada isn’t an exception at all. There are thousands of mobile app developers in Canada. Some are freelancers looking for their clients on Upwork or Fiver. But outsourcing your projects to freelancers have some disadvantages including low-quality, falling behind deadlines, misunderstanding, time differences, etc.

While working with mobile app development companies in Canada, you’re more likely to get an app you need. Have no idea what company to choose to develop your AR app? Call for Silver-Solutions.net and we’ll deliver a top-notch augmented reality app for your business!

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