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Benefits of Ayurvedic Badam Roghan Oil

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Since our childhood, we are advised by our parents and grandparents to use Badam roghan due to the multiple benefits that it offers. It can be used by people of all age groups for different purposes. It provides benefits to the eyes, skin, immune system and hair. It could be consumed in any of the ways either by consuming a small amount with a glass of milk or applying it externally on the body or scalp. The oil is extracted from the almond fruit and by pressing the raw almonds using high heat and pressure. In this article, we will discuss the multiple benefits that ayurvedic badam roghan has to offer.

  1. CHEMICAL AND PRESERVATIVES FREE: Badam roghan is made from actual almonds. It is made naturally without adding any colour or fragrance. This makes the product safe for consumption by people of all age groups.
  2. HELPS TO RELIEVE STRESS: One can massage the head and put some as nasal drops. It is very beneficial in providing relief from headaches and relieving any kind of stress.
  3. HELPS IN NOURISHING HAIR: The oil is very useful for treating hair problems such as dandruff and provides nourishment to hair. It helps in keeping the hair strong and healthy by providing adequate nourishment.
  4. GOOD FOR SKIN: Apart from providing various benefits for hair, it is useful for skin as well. It keeps the skin nourished. It also helps to reduce dark circles and wrinkles. The oil is very benefitting in winters as well as it helps to keep the body strong and warm.
  5. FULL OF AYURVEDIC AND MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: The almond oil is said to be very rich in Vitamin E which is very good for the overall health of the individual. It is rich in magnesium and is a great source of phosphorous and copper. It is considered -an Ayurveda proprietary medicine.
  6. EASY TO USE AND STORE: The almond oil product is easy to use and store by one and all. One can consume it directly with warm milk. This can also be used externally by applying to the nose or body or scalp. One needs to store it in a cool and dry place to get the best results and avoid any kind of spoilage. Also, these are prepared without adding any kind of artificial flavour or fragrance. Therefore, these are 100% safe for consumption either internally or externally.

Thu, badam roghan has multiple benefits for one and all. These are a good source of building memory retention in kids. Apart from these, they provide various other health benefits as discussed above. There are various almond oils available in the market. So, it is a must to select the best one that is made organically without the addition of any inorganic substances. This is very useful for prenatal and postnatal care. One should prefer using such ayurvedic and herbal badam roghan oil for relieving stress, boosting immunity, promoting healthy skin, fighting dandruff, providing nourishment to the skin and getting similar other benefits. So, start using the oil right away to get all these benefits.

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