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Benefits Of Basil/Tulsi Spice Extract In Daily Life

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About Tulsi

It is a special herb which is powerful in nature and used in Ayurveda medical treatments. The small basil shrubs with lavender flowers are considered the sacred plant. It is said that the basil leaves will help in removing the toxins from the body. Most of the people drink Tulsi water or chew them in order to have good health conditions. Many products are available in the market with Tulsi extracts which will prove fruitful for the body in all aspects of cold, cough and flu. They also prove beneficial in the areas of heart diseases, along with stress and respiratory disorders.

Tulsi has an excellent composition of essential oil along with nerol and different terpenes. It will remove the problem of acne along with inflammation and lower the chances of heart diseases in future. They are nutritious in nature which contains the main elements like iron, zinc and sodium. We will see some health benefits of basil leaves.

Health benefits of Basil/Tulsi spice extract

  1. Asthma – They are best for the treatment of asthma. They help in relieving the congestion from the nose and help in clear and smooth breathing.
  2. Heart diseases – Basil leaves prove best for the treatment of heart diseases. They contain Vitamin C, along with other antioxidants, which will help in protecting the heart from harmful effects; they also contain eugenol, which is best in controlling the blood cholesterol levels.
  3. Oral health – Basil leaves prove the best in oral health where they will help in destroying the bacteria from the mouth, which causes dental cavities along with plaque and bad breath. They also protect the teeth and make it tighter by holding the gums and prevent them from falling.
  4. Skin – It is best for skincare also where you can have a bath with this holy extract along with washing up your face to prevent the problem of acne. It will also leave your skin soft and smooth along with free from all infections. If you rub basil leave to your body, then you will be free from mosquitoes or insect bites. It is also helpful in curing skin disorders both in and out without producing any side effects on the bodyIf you apply basil leaves on your skin, then the problem of extra oil will be removed from the skin.
  5. Immunity– It will also help in boosting the immunity of the body by fighting against all infections along with viruses. They also prove best in eye care where they can be used to remove damages due to free radicals.

Thus, these are the health benefits of Tulsi extract which will be fruitful for the body in all aspects. Apart from the above aspects, they can also be used for medical treatments, especially in post-surgery, where it is used to heal the wounds that will protect the person from infections. They also prove best in removing cough and cold along with protecting the body from poisoning due to radiation.

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