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Benefits of PHP over other Web Development Languages

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With the emerging digital era, small to large business organizations are transforming. They are looking into making or transforming their websites, making web/mobile applications.As every organization is now trying to be a part of the digital arena, the demand for people connected in this field is on a rise. The first step for any organization to present them in the market is by having a website; therefore connecting with a web development company has become an essential for enterprises. The developers use various scripting languages like CGI, ASP and PHP.

Out of the various scripting languages, PHP has become the most popular one due to its conventional benefits. Today, whether it is a big conglomerate or a small IT firm, the use of PHP for developing multiple types of web applications or web development has become their need and is now common. Some of the popular sites like Facebook, Baidu, Wikipedia, Twitter, etc. Are using PHP efficiently. Research says, the percentage of websites using PHP is increasing yearly, i.e., 81.9% of websites are using PHP language for their website today.

PHP comes in different versions in which 98.4% of websites are using version 5, followed with 1.6% using version 4 and less than 0.1% websites are using version 3. The above statistics clearly showcase the benefit PHP language holds over other scripting languages.

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Developers are using PHP over another language due to subsequent benefits: –

Easy to resolve challenge: – For the web developers PHP is easy to handle and can fix bugs/issues faster in comparison to other scripting languages. It is an ease for web developers while programming a website.

Frameworks: – In PHP, a developer can find number of frameworks which helps them to take out a mixture of tasks. The various tasks which can be performed using the PHP frameworks are code reuse, session management, and finding database libraries. Some of the PHP frameworks are Aiki, Symfony, silex and the popular one is slim, Cake, Zend and Yii.

Simple and uncomplicated: – A very simple, easy to understand and a clear language for those who just have a hand on experience on HTML and are beginners for PHP.

Open Source: – There are no hidden costs associated with PHP including updates. The benefit is that one can code programs with PHP for free that one won’t get with JPS, ASP, or other scripting languages that have paid hosting. In Addition, it has no licenses, restrictions, or royalty fees included at all. It is a 100% free web development scripting language.

Integration: – Systems such as MongoDB, Memcache, and Pusher all integrate with PHP. Almost all Industries like banks, hospitals, fashion, government and large companies use PHP applications. It is used for so many web applications and actually powers 30% of the web. Govt Jobs

Dynamic: – PHP is a very powerful scripting language that creates dynamic websites which refresh automatically. Website development companies using PHP for developing a website do not need to make any alterations or updates manually for refreshing it.

Object Oriented Programming: – PHP has the ability to call Java and windows COM objects. In addition to this, one can create customer classes which other classes can have access to from customer classes. This increases language effectiveness.

Support: – The support and documentation for PHP are quite easy. The support forums which aid language are free. One can find many blogs and forums online to learn about PHP if have any coding issues. The user base PHP is quite huge that helps one to take a support from social media platforms among all scripting languages.

PHP has many more benefits apart from the ones mentioned above, and therefore it is high in demand, and is high in security as well.

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