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Best Android Applications of 2013: Our Choice, You’re Bet!

by Soft2share.com

There is no denying that Android is where it is at! This year saw the over-whelming response to Google Play that has finally passed the one million milestones in terms of live applications. It is possible to find everything on android right now- from file-managers to smart calendars to some crazy games.

The fantastic bit about the open source of Google OS is that there are hoards of amazing application to choose form. In a situation like this, it can prove to be a heinous task to make a choice from the numerous options available. To make your life easier, we tell you a list of what we think has been the best this year in India and therefore must find its place on your smartphone at any cost.


While Twitter shook the foundation of the system first time by coming to life and the second time by offering an Android application in its own name. While still a good application, Seesmic offers certain advantages that are greater than the original brand application. Firstly, it comes with an incredibly sleek design that is a visual treat. It also features support to multiple accounts at once and has a home page widget that shows you the latest tweets.

Facebook for Android
With the latest developments in Facebook Android, it has almost managed to reach the same level as Facebook itself. The recent update involving inbox support to the Android applications. And it doesn’t hurt that it is fast.

National Rail Enquiries
For a frequent traveller, National Rail enquiries are like a blessing from the skies. After the original third-party National Rail stopping existing for free, the National Rail brought out its own free app. This app lets you check live train times, get notifications of delays and basically help you plan your entire journey. It also very easy to use.

The developers of SEVEN have teamed up with Microsoft to offer an official Hotmail app for Android. This gem gives you a clean interface, push notification support all while letting you handle multiple Hotmail accounts from within the application. Recently this application has been re-branded as the Outlook app.

Google Sky Map

By using the phones orientation tools this application manages to give you a representation of the planets and stars on your screen. So, just by pointing your mobiles, to the direction of the skies you can check on stars, constellations and planets.

Whether you want to see your magazines come alive with videos or wish to browse or search for nearby ATMS or restaurants, this application is just the right thing for you. This stunning augmented reality application from Layar has recently gone commercial and has included an on-line shop that allows direct mobile shopping links.

Keeping up-to-date never seemed so easy before this application. It is as easy to keep up with friends as it is to find the most happening places nearby. The application also makes it very easy to record and share all the latest happenings in your life. Whether you own a simple phone with android, or you are an iPhone person, this app will look great in any phone.

WordPress for Android
From wpToGo to WordPress for Android, WordPress has come a long way. This feature packed application comes with a collaboration with other apps which lets your content be sent directly to the app for easy updating.

Google Goggles
The lovely application from Google is as cool as its name. The app is used as a QR code reader that lets you scan barcodes and embed and decipher all other kinds of odd little data squares.

We have selected these applications from a large number of choices on the basis of their utility looks and user friendliness.

Summary: The android in India has seen hoards of fantastic applications from this very year itself, from which we have handpicked ten best for you. These android applications include everything from social network media to applications that help you find out the best place to hangout, to the ones that help you update your website.

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Suraj is a tech geek, always on the move to know something more about gadgets that re-innovate the world, gadget and gizmos crazy. He writes for Croma Retail blog.

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