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Best Apps for Toddlers

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Ideally, we all are aware that toddlers, don’t need kid’s apps. They all would go straight to creative things like playing with wooden blocks, using their brains to the fullest. However, it is the era of the digital world where people of all ages know how to use smartphones. Busy in managing toddler might get you to the stage where you need to buy term papers online to get in time your college/university writing assignment, so you don’t have to worry on that part at least as you are covered.

Even toddlers use them for their entertainment purposes. However, is it ok to allow your child to have too much access to smartphones? Even if you download some apps to keep your toddlers busy for some time, how about installing one with a good educational background?

Several apps have been designed for toddlers with the main aim to explore and open-ended play. These apps will enable your toddlers to engage, learn and focus best.

Toca Boca

It is the suite of apps that recently has become one of the most famous toddler brands available. It is a fun app consisting of engaging apps that are full of great sounds and dazzling colors. It proposed a set of activities like hairstyling, chemistry, taking care of sick patients and pets, and cooking. This app helps your kids to build and design their cities as they grow.

PBS kids

For decades now, the PBS kids app is used as a staple to entertain kids from Sesame Street to Mr. Rogers’s Neighbourhood. Your kids can watch most famous PBS cartoons like Cat in the Hat and Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood and play games due to the free availability of PBS kids game apps and videos. This app is suitable for kids of age 2 years, as it will help them with math skills and early science in a fun way.

Monkey preschool lunch box

This app helps your toddler in learning different things even when they are unaware of it. Milo, an adorably lovely monkey, helps provide toddlers a fun interface to learn counting, colors, and shapes. On completing a certain task, toddlers will get to choose a certain sticker of their interest as a reward.

Toca doctor

This app is a collection of popular suites that are set against a medical theme. It helps the toddlers in paving their future in medicine. This app is suitable for kids of age 2 years. Kids learn how to put drops in their eyes, brush their teeth to remove germs, bandage wounds of different sizes, and erase scratches using cotton balls.

Busy shapes 2

Busy shapes 2 is the best airplane mode app for toddlers as it doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection. Even in airline mode, it is a fully functional app. It helps toddlers to learn different shapes by dragging them into their matching holes. These activities are made more interesting with calming, beautiful music, and stunning visuals. These shapes are composed of things of daily use like fruits helping them to associate them with things of daily life.

Balloon pop

It is a free app for kids of all ages now available on android. It has puzzles that would be a wise choice for older children. It will grab the attention of toddlers as they pop the balloons from bottom to top of the screen. It is simple and fully customized. Its difficulty level can be raised by changing the size and speed of balloons at which they move and in the future it can be a great use to them when they will need to start crafting first parts of a research paper.

ABC mouse

This app is voted to be the best app among all of the toddler’s app with subscription-based services. It provides a virtual classroom allowing your kid to choose a variety of adventures. This app helps your toddlers to learn maths, counting, reading, music, and colouring skills.

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