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Concrete is hard and cold substance likewise its floor is.  It is good option for upper floors the building. But it can be placed anywhere at any floor. Generally, there are rooms which do not give good look and comfortable feel with concrete bare flooring. To cover it carpet is the best alternative. The other thing about which concrete floors are notorious is their moisture emitting property. In all these scenarios there arise a question which carpet will be best for this purpose.

You must pick that carpet which is best for four seasons as you cannot change carpet with each turning season. It shall expel mold and dust mites. The carpet surface and padding shall have protective powder or layer which can keep it dry and protected. It shall possess good quality synthetic or natural fibers, depends upon dampness and temperature of your room.  The cushioning effect and barrier between your carpet and concrete floor are also substantial.

Your carpet selection may vary from your home floor to commercial area floor. For commercial environment there is possibility of high traffic, consequently a sure quick wear and tear. The carpetrug cleaning agent’s usefor them is obviously consisting of hard chemicals which can be harmful for delicate fibers of natural fiber carpets.  For practical use of these carpets you have to neglect your desire for luxurious and cozy carpets. The Synthetic carpets are good choice here. Which may be are extra ordinarily simple and sometimes boring but they are soft. They do not let shoes of visitors make a rattle and clatter. It also absorbs extra noise from the surrounding.  You can cherish your choice in pattern selection. Select the neutral scheme pattern as per your office requirement and your taste.

Please read more for rug restoration.

The selection of carpet for your home concrete floor is bit different. You may add colors to your floor as well as to your walls. If your there is humidity in your room air then hang a woolen decorative carpet on your walls and put any type of carpet on your floor whether it is synthetic carpet, manmade fiber or natural fiber. 

Synthetic fiber may include:

  • PET Carpets
  • Nylon Fiber Carpet
  • Cloth Patch Carpet
  • Minimalistic Carpet
  • Triexta Carpets e

Natural Fiber carpets may include:

  • Wool Carpets
  • Sisal Carpets
  • Silk Carpets
  • Jute Carpets
  • Coir Carpets
  • Sea Grass Carpets

Manmade andmachine-made carpets are different in their knots style, life and strength. Concrete floors can entertain all type of carpets. The thing to ponder is whether yourcarpet structure is enough strong to carry the soft and bubbling cushion padding so that the hardness of your concrete floor does not go through your carpet and itch your body. If you have baby then you shall choose more soft carpet and padding. The concrete floor does not like carpets on it is wrong concept. Put right carpet on right concrete floor with use of dehumidifier.

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