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Best Future Prediction App for Android & iOS – Predict Your Future

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Are you looking for ways to predict your future? Is future prediction something that fascinates you?

Well, accept it or not but at some point in life, seeking guidance is what one wants to do. These situations are the ones when we get no direction, we feel lost, helpless, and hopeless. Coming to a decision takes ages because we feel wary of the outcome of our decision.

Right at this point, a future prediction app can lend a helping hand. A Tarot Card Reading app can enlighten your path with positivity and will support you till eternity.

The best future prediction app that offers exact predictions and feels of an actual tarot card reading session is ‘Tarot Life’. Available for both Android and iOS platforms, this tarot card reading app will be your virtual tarot card reader. Perplexed?

Don’t be. Let us find out how this app will answer your questions.

What Tarot Life Can Offer You as a Querent?

Predicting your future with ‘Tarot Life’ can give you an everlasting experience to feel the energy and power from the higher divine. You just have to be aware of the exact question you should ask.

This is one mantra of getting a successful and meaningful tarot card reading session. More precise and direct the questions, more precise and exact, the answers.

Feel the same energy as you would in a practical tarot card reading session. This future prediction app lets you do the following

  1. Virtually shuffle the deck of the 22 Major Arcana Cards and choose your cards.
  2. Tarot card reading is available on a wide horizon containing Love Tarot, Yes or No Tarot, Career Tarot, Money Tarot, and a lot more than you can ever imagine.
  3. Experience the effective sessions of tarot card reading, Yes or No Tarot and Numerology with the expert tarot card readers associated with this best future prediction app.
  4. If you are inquisitive about knowing the meaning of these cards, you can easily get the detailed meanings of each of these cards in this prediction app.
  5. Get to save your readings and spreads and read them anytime, anywhere. You can also share your readings with your friends and family.
  6. Detailed tarot reports can also be generated through Tarot Life.     

What are the Features of this Future Prediction App?

Tarot Life in itself is a complete world of predictions and divinity. The app can offer two major divisions of this sacred science of astrology. The two segments on which Tarot Life excels are Tarot and Numerology.


Tarot is one of the most positive ways of future prediction. A card showing up in a reading definitely holds a meaning. The meaning is decoded by looking at the symbols and pictures a card depicts.

Tarot card reading in=s a very positive and sacred affair but know that the cards do not lie. When the time is good, they will tell it is good. But, it also warns you of the bad times and tells you how you can survive in those bad times.

The subsets in ‘Tarot’ are as follows.

  • Love Reading

If love is something you are worried about or you have certain doubts about your love life, how your partner will be or how you two will get along, then seek help from this section. Choose three cards and follow the instructions to get all the answers to the questions related to your love life with ‘Love Tarot’.

You can also choose to get all your questions answered in detail with the help of ‘Love Spread’. It will help you to know if the person you are with is your true love or what can you expect from them. The questions are many and surely this reading has an answer to them all.

  • Tarot Insights

This section is specially curated for the ones who are in a hurry or have very less time to devote to a tarot card reading. ‘Daily Tarot’ for giving the brief highlights of the day in terms of how cosmic radiations are falling on you.

‘Yes or No Tarot’ to avoid details and to get ‘to the point’ answers quickly for any kind of situation. You just need to be sure of your question and you will get a direct answer in terms of Yes or No.

If you feel way too dubious to frame the exact question, worry not. Tarot Life got you covered for this. ‘Ask a Question’ section is designed specially to produce answers to querent’s direct questions.

  • Career Reading

Sometimes, a slow and unsuccessful career may lead to disappointments for an individual. Making career choices is a big challenge one has to face undeniably in their life. Getting into the right career field is like reaching the milestone.

‘Career Path Spread’ can help you in making the right career choices and it will also clarify your career-related doubts.

  • Finance Reading

Money is not everything but money is something without which life cannot be imagined. If you are worried about the investments or other money concerned matters then, the ‘Success Spread’ can enlighten you with what you should do.

‘Finance Tarot’, a three card spread will give you guidance, caution, and solutions. Ask finance related questions from this section and clear your clouds of doubt, if any.


Numerology is a way of future prediction with the help of numbers. Believe it or not but even the numbers behold the power of predicting the future. Knowing the numbers that are important for you will make your life easier and productive.

Finding out ways for inner satisfaction with shortcomings was never easy but Destiny Number can help you out with this. The blueprint of your life that has the challenges, opportunities or learnings can be discovered with Life Path Number.

Did you know that there is a number that reveals the exact time at which you will achieve maturity? Amazed? Well, Maturity Number can tell that to you. Follow this alley of future prediction to unfold the secrets, challenges, opportunities, and growth of your life.

Tarot Life as a Complete Future Prediction App

Every individual today wants a life that is not full of hustle and bustle. This is why some of the intellectual brains collaborated to form an app that is realistic in all manners.

It has covered almost every aspect of these two prediction methods and has offered even more in all its areas.

Tarot Life is an effective future prediction app which is readily available right in your hands, on your mobile. So what are you waiting for? Download it now and feel the change this app brings to your life.

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