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Blooket Compares Quizizz to Blooket

by Afaque Ghumro
Blooket Compares Quizizz to Blooket

Blooket is an online tool designed to enable teachers to host review games in classrooms. The platform’s gamified platform offers several advantages for both students and teachers.

This Kahoot alternative is engaging and features various game modes to keep students engaged with learning. Furthermore, tutor chat support, step-by-step solutions to textbook questions and much more round out its package of features.


Quizizz offers more than just quizzes; its features extend well beyond its extensive library of quizzes. Quizz offers both open-ended and multiple choice questions that allow teachers to select a game mode best suited for their classroom learning style; additionally it features tutorials and answer explainers as well as being free for both teachers and students, even offline use!

Blooket is an innovative take on classroom review games that combines education and fun, to make learning more engaging. Instructors select their question set and game mode before creating a code that students use to join from their devices – answering the questions while earning points!

Teachers can monitor student performance using its advanced grading system, which instantly produces comprehensive reports that allow teachers to quickly identify gaps in knowledge and create remedial strategies. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with multiple learning management systems and is free for parents who wish to monitor their child’s progress.


Blooket provides an engaging and interactive way to study and test yourself. The website features various game modes designed to engage students while providing rewards and incentives that keep students motivated – such as receiving power-ups if a question is answered correctly!

Teachers can utilize this platform to assess their students’ progress and identify knowledge gaps, integrate with Google Classroom and use both mobile devices and desktops with its user-friendly interface making navigation simple for both students and teachers.

This website offers several features, including offline play and scanning printed quizzes. However, some users have reported difficulties formatting math problems and changing answers–an issue for some students. Overall though, the tool remains an effective way for those wanting to study on-the-go.


Quizalize provides teachers with all of the features needed to quickly create engaging quizzes in seconds. Support for various question types is extensive, while over one million pre-made quizzes cover various subjects.

This website is accessible from any device and provides students with multiple game modes that make remote engagement simple and engaging teachers with study sets and performance reports.

Students can compete against their peers in real time while enjoying fun gaming elements like power-ups and memes. Students have the flexibility to either play solo or with others in pairs and can work from either the classroom or home environment. The user interface of the software is straightforward and clear, making it perfect for teaching in classrooms or at home, preparing students for tests in multiple languages or importing questions from existing quizzes – making it an excellent solution for educators short on prep work time!


Quizizz provides a more expansive library of games than Kahoot and is designed for use on any device, offering multiple question types from multiple-choice to open-ended and various game modes like ‘closest answer wins” and “order questions”. Furthermore, Quizizz’s platform gives more options for displaying and analyzing quiz results.

Students can easily see their scores on a leaderboard after each quiz, providing great motivation. However, the platform could be improved to be more user-friendly; additionally it would be great if we could upload custom background images for each game.

Quizalize is an ideal platform for teachers looking to save time when creating quizzes, foster student engagement with engaging games, access comprehensive progress reports and differentiation tools, support offline gameplay/scanning of printed quizzes for use in unreliable internet environments, as well as offering multiple study tools that support different learning styles like flashcards/games.

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