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Bonk Be Live: The Next Big Thing in Broadcasting Industry With AR And 3D Gifts

by Soft2share.com

The app world is going through a revolutionary phase these days. A number of applications are coming up in the app market to entertain the users and help them communicate with each other. Bonk Be Live is the latest applications developed by Boink Live Streaming Corporation that is winning the hearts of people across the globe. This is a revolutionary app that has given a new way to the people to become a hot sensation on social media by broadcasting themselves with Bonk Be Live. Let us go through this awesome social media broadcasting application.

Bonk Be Live – A Knowhow

Bonk Be Live is one of the sole applications of its type that has been launched in the app market so far. It is powered with a lot of augmented reality and virtual reality features making the app more engaging for the users. It is can act as a communication channel between you and your loved ones. You can broadcast yourself and entertain the viewers with your activities on the stream. The app has got full potential to turn you into an overnight superstar.

You will be amazed to know that the app is operation in 100+ nations of the world and soon will expand to other countries as well. The broadcasters can get virtual gifts from the viewers and can redeem these gifts as cash. The broadcasters can even chat with viewers and send them gifts too. Once the broadcaster attains a Bonkin/Bonkified level, he/she becomes eligible to make money with Bonk Be Live by simply promoting the advertisers products and services.

Levels Assigned to the Broadcasters

  • (Level 10 – 25000 Points) Bonnaroo (Intern)
  • (Level 20 – 50000 Points) Bonnarookie (Broadcasting Dreamer)
  • (Level 30 – 75000 Points) Bonkeroony (Apprentice)
  • (Level 40 – 100000 Points) Bonkers (Rookie Broadcaster)
  • (Level 50 – 200000 Points) Bonkai (Super Broadcaster)
  • (Level 60 – 300000 Points) Bonkertronz (Specialist)
  • (Level 70 – 500000 Points) Bonkin (Intergalactic Broadcaster)
  • (Level 80 – 600000 Points) Bonkified (Legendary Broadcaster)

You need to collect points in order to make the level ups. The points are given for broadcasting yourself, watching the broadcasts, sending/receiving the gifts, making in-app purchases, and for few other tasks.

The Basics of Bonk Be Live

  • A user can purchase the coins and gifts from the BonkLive Store. The purchases can also be made while watching the broadcasts.
  • The virtual gifts received can be redeemed for cash. 20 percent amount is deducted from the actual cost.
  • The money can be transferred to the Bonk Be Live Debit card which can be utilized through the Mastercard facility.
  • The Bonkin/Bonkified users are eligible to monetize their stream. For playing a commercial during the stream, a broadcaster can make 1 diamond equaling to 50USD within 30/60 seconds. The diamonds can be exchanged for money.
  • Every user on Bonk Be Live starts from the Bonnaroo level and proceed to attain the maximum level 80 (Bonkified).
  • A user can chat during the broadcast with the broadcasters and receive the 2D/3D virtual gifts from them.
  • Daily bonuses are given to the users for coming back to the app. These bonuses are received as points (Bonks).

How Bonk Be Live is Beneficial for the Advertisers?

The advertisers can now ditch the traditional advertising model that was bit expensive and brought few leads. The word of mouth marketing by the Bonk Be Live broadcaster will help the advertiser to get more leads to their products and services as it would be recommended by the broadcaster. Moreover, the advertisers will be spending less money in the promotion of their products/services as compared to the traditional advertising model.

Over to You

Bonk Be Live has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other. Moreover, it has given a new way to the live streaming app industry. It is one of the first apps of its type. Though a number of live streaming applications have been launched before, no app has provided the features like Bonk Be Live. It is the time to try out this app and start your broadcasting career with it. No one knows how this app can turn out for them. Try it now!

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