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Britain’s Got Talent 2013: What Will You Download?

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Featuring talented singers of all ages and genres, the most recent series of Britain’s Got Talent could have you wanting to download some of the songs you heard on the show, but which ones will you choose?


How the programme works

Britain’s Got Talent is a TV talent show featuring regular members of the public and first aired onin 2007. The contest is open to anyone of any age who has a talent. There are initial auditions, after which successful contestants are whittled down by the judges. The acts to appear in the final are chosen by the public and judges, with the winner being chosen purely by the voting public.

In the seven series of the show that have so far been screened on British television, six have been won by singers or dance acts. The prize for the winner of the competition is the opportunity to appear at the Royal Variety Performance and £250,000 in prize money.

Many people who don’t have time to watch the show hear about the best singers from friends and usually end up downloading the top songs from the series at a later date. This means you can listen to them over and over but as any retailers that sell iPod touch devices and handheld music players will tell you, it’s important to back up your music regularly. That way, if your iPod is lost or damaged, you still have access to your favourite playlists.

Talented singers

Britain’s Got Talent has a history of singers either appearing or ultimately winning the competition. The first series was won by opera singer, Paul Potts, while unlikely-star Susan Boyle became a household name in series 3 despite coming only second in the competition. Her version of ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ from the musical Les Miserables, which was her first audition, was watched by 10 million people when it was screened on ITV but was seen by many millions more on YouTube after the programme had aired.

Singing acts from the 2013 series

As with previous series of Britain’s Got Talent, the winners in 2013 were a dance troupe, but there were many singing performances of note which you might want to download. These included Richard and Adam, an opera duo who came 3rd in the competition (despite their performance being overshadowed by someone throwing eggs at judge Simon Cowell). Other finalists included a vocal group called the Luminites, who were similar in style to the Black Eyed Peas and were in fact coached by Will.i.am prior to the final. They have now been signed to Simon Cowell’s record label. Jordan O’Keefe, a singer/songwriter from Ireland came in 6th place in the final of Britain’s Got Talent 2013 and has subsequently been signed up by an entertainment agency.

Even if you are not a fan of the programme, you might want to view some of the vocalists online and then download their songs onto your iPod or other digital media device.

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