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Business Sectors That Rely on Technical Logistics

by Soft2share.com

The world is rapidly changing and as we move from a mechanical analogue era to a truly digital age, the white glove logistics industry is booming as it evolves alongside technology. The technical equipment being installed today demands a high level of technical expertise and in this article, we outline some of the business sectors that rely heavily on white glove logistics.

  • Banking & Finance – The latest generation of touch-screen ATMs and other technical equipment is installed and maintained by a technical logistics provider. The banks and equipment manufacturers would not allow unapproved people to handle the equipment, so product certification is essential, while the technicians need security clearance to handle large amounts of cash.
  • Healthcare – All hospital equipment is handled and installed by technicians; getting an MRI scanner to its final location can be more than a little challenging, while they also install X-Ray machines and behind-the-scenes technical equipment that the medical sector needs. One such company can be found at www.rhenus-hightech.co.uk, a leading white glove service provider with years of hands-on experience.
  • Telecommunications – When governments talk to each other with virtual conferences, the white glove technicians set up and monitor the communication network. Stock markets and other trading platforms rely on technical support to ensure a secure network.
  • Retail – The retail environment is changing, with LCD screens for advertising and let’s not forget touch-screen technology, which also requires special handling. Shop tills are now all of the touch-screen variety and they require special handling. Cash is on the way out, to be replaced by online payment gateways, which is another milestone on the road to development.
  • Sports & Fitness – The state-of-the-art fitness equipment you find in the local gym would be installed and maintained by technical logistics teams that are manufacturer approved. The white glove technician spends a lot of time attending workshops to gain the knowledge they need in order to obtain the necessary certification.
  • Manufacturing – Robotics is being merged with artificial intelligence to produce highly efficient mechanical workers who never get sick or need toilet breaks and installing automated solutions is something for the technical white glove team. There are already a few huge factories that are producing high volumes of products, managed by a few technicians, while maintenance is essential to ensure the system is always online.
  • Data Storage – Every business needs to store all data and large companies have their own data centres, which are installed and managed by white glove technicians. There are many aspects of data storage, such as climate control and cyber-security and if you should ever require this service, a Google search is a good place to start.
  • Automated Warehousing Solutions – Storing goods is slowly becoming an automated process and highly technical sorting systems are installed and managed by manufacturer-approved technicians. This will eventually lead to a loss in jobs, as automated systems do all the work and the white glove logistics teams make all this possible.

As you can see, there are many industries that require technical logistics and as far as the future goes, this sector will evolve alongside the new generations of technical equipment. If you are looking for a challenging career, technical logistics might be the perfect industry.

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