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Buy Blank T Shirts the Right Way with Clothing Authority

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Whether you are creating a custom t shirt at home or running a printing company that makes custom t shirts, you know the importance of getting quality shirts for printing purposes. If you are doing this as a business, whether online or in a retail store, you need to be sure you provide quality shirts that people will find comfortable and durable for use on multiple days.

This usually means finding a reliable wholesale distributor where you can purchase blank t shirts from brands that you know. You want the quality of brands that people recognize on the market. If you are not an expert in the business, what should you be looking for when you go to Buy Blank T Shirts? Today, we will look at some of the important qualities.

The Material

Finding a wholesale distributor that sells t shirts from brands you recognize and that have a reputation for using quality material and being trustworthy is very important. You need to remember that the material makes the t shirt. Consider the level of comfort and the level of performance.

People want different things in a t shirt. Sometimes, it’s all about comfort and how relaxed it feels. For others, there is no need for personalization or graphics, just a standard blank performance t shirt is perfect for your average everyday workout. Cotton is a popular material used for t shirts, but you will find several blends with t shirts, whether an even 50-50 cotton/polyester or a 90 percent cotton, 10 percent polyester option.

The Fit

T-shirts are designed in different ways to have different feels. Everyone has a preference, whether it is the standard t shirt, a v-neck, sleeveless, long-sleeved, short-sleeved or just something different in the fit like how tight or baggy it is. Just make sure you have options for all styles and personalities.


Make sure that if you buy blank t shirts in bulk, you stock up on different sizes. You want options for all ages and sizes so there is something for everyone.

Styles by Gender

If you want to get into the many styles there are to choose from, make sure you have something for everyone in this area as well. Many t shirts are considered unisex, but you could also separate male and female options with different neck styles like v-necks and halters for women or changing up sleeve lengths.


This may be your most important factor in terms of having options. This is one of the expressive options when it comes to t shirts. If you are customizing a shirt or preparing it for the addition of a graphic, just remember that this is the basis of your design, the main color of the shirt, no matter what you do to it. You want to have options that fit everyone’s desires and favorites, from dull colors to bright colors and everything in between.

Of course, don’t forget that buying wholesale from a place like Clothing Authority will help you save money, but don’t let the quality slip either. You want to add to your inventory while saving as much money as you can, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality to do that and run the risk of customers passing by.

With Clothing Authority, you can get blank clothing at a great price that is ready for you to customize and make completely your own. With a selection from reliable brands, you can feel comfortable knowing that Clothing Authority values quality and wants you to buy blank t shirts from them to experience that.

It’s all about providing the opportunity to express yourself through your own self-made clothing or your own designs, so purchase your blank t shirts from Clothing Authority today and get creative.

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