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Can I Get Government Benefits for an Injury at The Workplace?

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Workplace safety is an important issue that needs to be taken care of by the company. There may be several entities involved at the workplace which are a threat to the safety and well-being of the employee. Although the standards of workplace safety have risen from the past several years due to strict regulations set by worker health and safety unions and the state law, it is still not implemented in many places and many cases of workplace injury come up.

Workplace Injury

Workplace injury refers to an injury that has happened at the workplace or doing the job due to some severe and unhealthy working conditions or an accident. In any case, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation for the injury you have suffered. There is a workers’ compensation scheme in each state by which an injured worker can receive the compensation for the injuries.Workplace injury Lawyers will provide legal advice.

Types of workplace injuries

There are many types of workplace injuries that can occur to an employee during the course of the job. Some of the most commonly occurring workplace injuries are:

  1. Broken bones or fractures resulted from falling of person or falling of a heavy object on the person and from the use of machinery.
  2. Head injury from similar reasons as above.
  3. Neck injury from similar reasons and from a strain in the neck.
  4. Burns caused by overheated machinery or spilling of some chemicals.
  5. Strains and sprains caused by overexertion of muscles.
  6. Repetitive motion injury due to continuously repeating a motion task such that on assembly line.
  7. Damaging of nerves like carpal tunnel.
  8. Severe cuts and bruises.

Any of these injuries can cause serious damage to a person and can even make unable to work in future.

Claiming for workers’ compensation and benefits from government

Before claiming for workers’ compensation it is important to analyze that whether your injury comes under the list of workplace injury. You must also be under a valid contract from the employer otherwise your claim for compensation can be overruled by the authority. The governing authorities in these matters follow mainly two laws namely – The Safe Work Act 2008 and the Return To Work Act 2014. Under these laws, if your claim is considered valid, you are liable to get a claim.

The claim amount includes mainly the medical expenses and weekly compensation for lost wages but may also cover permanent impairment compensation (in case of total damage or loss of a body part) rehabilitation, travelling and other expenses. The amount you receive is given on the basis of severity of the injury.

These compensation claims are granted by mainly two authorities of government namely – The Safe Work and The WorkCover operating in different states in accordance with the respective state’s law.

The procedure to follow

In case of an injury at the workplace, first of all, get proper medical treatment. After that, you should contact some lawyer to get proper legal advice in this matter. Workers Compensation Lawyers Perth offers legal help and guidance to clients who have suffered a workplace injury. They will guide you through the process to get the claim that you want from the authorities. In such a case contact Workers Compensation Lawyers for the proper legal advice in your case.

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