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Canada is the most preferred country by International Students

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Canada is home to some of the most breathtaking sites from mountains, lakes, waterfalls, the best ski resorts and a lot more. Canada is bilingual in English and French with a majority of English speaking locals it makes it easier for international students to converse.

Canada has been one of the world’s leading destinations for students as Canada has some of the most top ranking universities in the world with a large verity of courses and streams to pick from A degree from a Canadian university is highly preferred by employers around the world as they hold a higher value. Under graduation in Canada can take either three or four years to complete post graduation degree may take around one to three years but this again depends on the university and the course you pick.

If you’re looking for quality education at a diverse, friendly and culturally rich environment, Canada is defiantly a country you should consider. It Is always advisable to discuss overseas education with the  Best Overseas Immigration Consultants in your city.

Top reasons to study in Canada

High Quality of education

One of the top reasons why students prefer studying in Canada is because of the high quality of education. Canada places a lot of importance to education and has some of the top rated universities in the world. A degree acquired from Canada is recognized and valued all over the world. As education in Canada is research intensive.

Varity of Programs

Universities in Canada offer a large variety of programs for under graduation and post graduation in different fields from technology, science, arts, engineering etc. This help students specialize in their interests.


 Canada not only offers excellent education recognized around the world but all ensures education is affordable to international students. Compared to other countries like UK, USA and Australia education in Canada is more affordable. Canada also provides scholarship options for international students that make studying in Canada a lot more easy.

Cultural diversity

Canada Is known for their warm welcoming and friendly nature as you can find people from a different cultures, lifestyles and ethnic groups at work, neighborhood and even your university. Canada promotes friendliness and peace among everyone like no other country on earth. Reason why international students feel at home quite instantly when studying in Canada.


Canada has constantly been ranked one of the safest nations in the world. As safety and security is one of the top priorities for students when planning to study abroad Parents prefer choosing Canada for their child because f the peace in the country. Crime against women, Racial discrimination and theft are reported less in Canada

Work while you study

Canada has special regulations that allow international students to work for about 20 hours every week during their semesters and full time during the break. Your study permit will be enough for you to find a part time job at any company. This helps students make up for any extra expenses and reduces the burden.

Job opportunities

This country is among the few that give students the opportunity to find a job after acquiring a Canadian degree from a Canadian university. Students can find the opportunity to work after graduation. 

Vibrant campus life

Universities in Canada are known to host fests, events and other activities all through the year this helps create a fun and lively atmosphere and give an opportunity for international students to get to know each other and increase their network this is also a great way to make sure students are not homesick.

Do you think Canada should be your destination for study abroad options?

If you’re a student dreaming to study in Canada or any other country its is always advisable to approach the Best Overseas Education Consultants as they may help guide you with the best most suitable country for you with the right course and the University best suited for you. An experienced counselor van guide you from the very beginning to the end from applications, entrance tests, scholarship options to pre departure sessions. Oaks overseas in Hyderabad is one of the top rated overseas consultants that has over 25,000+ success stories.

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