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Cancer Treatment Of A Pregnant Woman

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Oncology is a technique in medical science mainly to resist the cancer cell to grow and further divide. Chemotherapy is risky for a three months pregnant woman as it may harm her fetus. During the first trimester, the fetus is still growing. In this stage applying chemotherapy will be very risky and a cause of birth risk or baby loss.

The strategies have taken for the treatment during pregnancy is same as a non-pregnant woman. Though the treatment of a pregnant woman quite difficult. The effects of anti-cancer medicine will badly be affected on the growing fetus or a long-term use of the ray will make a defective born or problems during delivery.

The treatment of cancer during pregnancy is a matter of taking a vital decision which should depend on the risk and benefits of the treatment and also the long-term effect for both mother and baby in future. In medical science, the measurement of the profit and loss during the treatment should depend on the analysis of past data. Unfortunately, the parents should have informed that there is no such sufficient data in the medical ground that can be able to measure the success rate of this treatment. Everyone should be practical and should take the decision very carefully such that will not affect the woman physically in future. For the same reason, the medical team should respect the decision of parents. We all should care that it is a matter of life and death. If a woman takes the decision for an active treatment with her pregnancy then it should be advised her to consult it with an expert doctor in this field.

Though cancer during pregnancy is a very rare case but, the increasing rate of this problem now becomes an international threat in medical science. A big reason for this problem is to take the decision of getting pregnant in old age.

Medicine for oncology while pregnant

  1. Surgery- Surgery is the perfect oncology in pregnancy medicine to remove cancer when it is in form of a tumor. Advancement of new technology helps to remove the tumor successfully without increasing any physical problem. But it increases the risk of pregnancy loss. If possible then make a delay of this surgery in the second trimester when the chances of loss of pregnancy minimize.
  2. Chemotherapy – during embryogenesis and organogenesis, up to the 60th gestation day, it has been reported that the possibility of most damage during this period can maximum increase. The treatment of chemotherapy will increase the chances of defective childbirth is about 20%, low birth weight about 40%.
  3. Radiation therapy – Radiation therapy is the eldest therapy. It has been reported that the mothers who had treated by the radiation therapy in their pelvis during pregnancy, gave birth a maximum number of a defective child. During the pregnancy, it has advised that not to intake radiation therapy if you want to keep both of you and your baby. Applying anticancer treatment should be avoided in the first trimester if possible for both the lives.

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