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Carbide Thread Mill NPT, NPTF, UN, and Metric Threads

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Thread milling is an important process for any machine shop. A mill can be used to create perfect threads quickly and easily. This rate of thread cutting is a huge improvement over outdated thread cutting methods like taps and dies. Even on hard iron pipes, thread milling with solid carbide tools is quick, effective, and minimalizes tool breakage compared to older cutting methods. At Online Carbide, we make it easy to Carbide Thread Mill NPT threads and several other popular thread types in seconds with our solid carbide thread mills.

Here at Online Carbide, we are an American manufacturer of high-quality carbide milling cutters. Carbide is the ideal material for milling accurately, even on hard surfaces. We make each of our carbide thread mills using high quality cemented carbide stock ground to precise specifications by our 5 axis CNC grinders. These tools will outlast and outperform similar cutters made from materials like high-speed steel because of their carbide content.

Carbide is a powerful ceramic which, when cemented together with a strong metal, creates a dense and rigid cutting surface that is perfect for cutting through stubborn materials. With our carbide thread mills, you can quickly cut interior and exterior threads on your workpiece without needing to remove it from your milling table. This makes it easy to carbide thread mill NPT threads and several other styles in no time.

Our full form carbide thread mills are designed to cut a thread in a single 360-degree pass. The “teeth” of a full form mill are arranged to match the pitch of your desired thread. By dropping the mill the length of a single thread pitch while making a cut, the teeth create a perfect helical thread. They can also chamfer the thread while they cut. You can even use a single full form thread mill to cut multiple thread sizes, as long as the pitch remains the same. We offer full form mills for cutting NPT, NPTF, UN, and metric threads.

NPT or national pipe thread is the shorthand for American National Standard Pipe Thread. These will be one of the most common types of threads used in the US. These threads feature a taper which helps them form a seal as the threads are forced to compress against one another when torqued. This makes them ideal for several applications where the need for a true seal is important. Our full form mills can cut NTPNPT as well as NPTF, used for fuel line connections. UN threads, also called United Thread Standard, is also a common option in the US used for threaded fasteners.

If you are working with a piece that has poor stability or thin walls, you might want to consider a single pitch thread mill. These mills only have one set of the “teeth” seen on a full form mill. This means that they have to go around and around to cut the threads individually. While this can take longer, these cutters are ideal for jobs where cutting medium to large internal threads or cutting larger external threads, especially on asymmetrical components. These tools are also ideal for small-batch or mixed productions, as you can use a single pitch mill to cut threads with different pitches using the same tool.

So if you regularly cut threads in your shop, our tools can help you carbide thread mill NPT, NPTF, UN, and metric threads. If you have any questions about our tools or thread milling with them, feel free to reach out to a member of our team at 630-238-1424 or sales@onlinecarbide.com.

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