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Centralize IT operation management (ITOM) in the cloud Realize

by Soft2share.com

Operational efficiency of the information system department and stable operation of IT infrastructure

The information system department of large and medium-sized companies operates various IT infrastructures such as cloud-on-premises environments. In particular, the use of cloud environments such as AWS is rapidly increasing, and the workload of IT infrastructure operation management in the information system department is increasing.

The cloud-based IT operation management system (ServiceNow) can centrally manage and visualize various IT infrastructures such as cloud-on-premises environments and cloud based ERP System. The IT infrastructure configuration management database (CMDB), event management, anomaly detection, etc. are centralized to streamline operation monitoring operations.

You can also automate the operations of your IT infrastructure. For example, it is possible to automate provisioning, patch application, and start/stop for installing a new IT infrastructure. In addition, machine learning can be used to prevent failures and investigate the causes, achieving higher quality and stable operation.

Three features

Supports multi-cloud on-premises

ServiceNow supports a variety of IT infrastructure and management software. It supports multi-cloud services such as AWS and Azure, and on-premises devices for servers, networks, and storage. Please contact us as the detailed support environment depends on the usage situation.

Leverage both ITOM and portals with ServiceNow

In addition to ITOM, portal site functions are also provided. You can also centrally manage the operation of the portal site and IT infrastructure. In addition, ServiceNow also provides IT Service Management (ITSM), which makes it possible to centralize IT management operations.

Improved convenience not only for information systems but also for users

As an example of using ITOM and the portal site, when a user applies for the installation of a new IT infrastructure from the portal site, provisioning can be automatically executed in a multi-cloud environment. In addition, you can check the operating status and billing amount of the IT infrastructure you are using on the portal site.

Digitalize workflows with ServiceNow

ServiceNow’s ServiceNow is a service management platform that enables integrated management of disparate business processes and information within a single platform.

Features of ServiceNow

  • Abundant introduction results in global companies
  • ITIL4 based applications available
  • Since it uses web standard technology, it is possible to quickly procure development personnel and acquire skills after introduction.
  • Since it is a cloud-based service, it can be introduced quickly at a low cost.

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