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Check Out The New Floodlight Camera By Arlo

by Soft2share.com

Are you looking for a camera that is packed with many new amazing features? A smart camera that will reinforce the safety of your house or office? If yes, check out the new Arlo floodlight camera that works without wiring.

“Arlo” has never left behind in introducing us with the latest and advanced technology. Recently, it launched “Arlo Floodlight Camera”, which has an inbuilt lighting source. The new Arlo camera comes with an LED (Light Emitting Diode) plate, which brightens the entire area of your home or office with its efficient light. Unlike the other security cameras, Arlo has designed the new floodlight camera without using an Ethernet cable or wire. It comes with rechargeable batteries that mean it could be recharged easily using solar energy and it also has an adapter in case, you want to charge the camera manually.

The new floodlight camera has a few similar features that its earlier devices acquire such as:

  • 2K video quality with HDR.
  • 160-degree view.
  • Audio on both ends.
  • A siren.
  • Colorful night vision.
  • Weather Friendly. But to get these features, you first have to perform the Arlo setup process.

Note: The information on it to be having the IP65 certification is yet to be clarified.

Wondering what is IP65 certification? Wonder no more! Just keep scrolling down!

The IP65 certification (Ingress Protection) tells us the safety of security cameras and electronic devices. Basically, this code is a 6 figure sum, and the “IP65 certification” indicates that the Arlo security camera is secure and functioning well.

ALRO PRO 3 is also somewhat similar. It has a spotlight above it. But the Arlo floodlight camera can be accessed without cables or wires, and moreover the light seems to be quite powerful. This camera consists of a power-saving feature and its light-shedding capacity is 2000 lumens approx.

Well, the Amazon designed “Rings Floodlight Camera” might shed a light of about 3000 Lumens. But this device might need a valid Arlo login details and supposed to be connected to a secure electrical system. However, Arlo’s Floodlight camera can also do the same. And when you link the camera to the electrical system, it will also brighten your courtyard, patio, backyard or where ever you have placed it with 3000 lumens. Not only this but also the Arlo Floodlight Camera can last up to 6 months on a single charge (if fully charged).

Another most interesting feature of this smart Arlo camera is that the lightening can turn on automatically as soon as it senses the moonlight. It consists of a sensor to take care of the above-mentioned feature.

Apart from this, it can cast different light patterns like:

  • Flashing.
  • Constant.
  • Pulsating, etc. which you can control manually.

Another Exciting News

As stated by Arlo – it is providing the users a free trial of three-month subscription to Arlo flash.

Wondering what is this Arlo Flash?

It is an app that you have to install on your smartphone and the area covered by the camera. Else, the Arlo Flash will cost you approx $2.99 per month.

You can also activate certain alerts such as:

  • Vehicle alert.
  • Animal alert.
  • Human alert, etc.

Not only this but also you can download the recording of the video and store it in cloud or Google drive for up to 25-30 days. For this, make sure to have a valid Arlo login my account.

As soon as your subscription period gets over and are happy with the service and you wanna continue with it – then simply pay for the subscription or just pair your Arlo camera with the flash app – save the recording in a USB drive and fab! You’re all done.

One More Good News

The Arlo subscription gives you to access 911 in case of an emergency if you are not at home. Just dial 911 using the Arlo Flash app and keep an eye at your home always even if you are across the sea.

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