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Cherish Your Loved One with our Funeral Bookmarks

by Soft2share.com

Losing a loved one is always hard. Whether it is someone you spoke to every day or someone you spoke to only a few times a year, you realize, after they are gone, that you can no longer stop by or call them on the phone to talk about your day, your plans for dinner, or the book you just finished reading. Sure, you can talk out loud to yourself and hope that their spirit hears you, but they can’t respond and give you feedback and ideas or their own opinion about a topic you are currently discussing. At The Funeral Program Site, we like to offer our customers in loving memory products that will help them in their grieving process and provide them with some comfort in their time of loss.

One of the most popular products on our site is our Funeral Bookmarks. We have two types of bookmarks available: bookmark templates and personalized bookmarks.

Our memorial bookmark templates are available in a variety of styles. If you head on over to our website at funeralprogram-site.com, you’ll find our bookmark templates are available with many different backgrounds to choose from sunrise to sunset, seascape, golfer, fishing, darling, US flag and much more. Once you have chosen your desired background, you can choose one of three options.
1. No customization. Simply download the template into Word, Publisher, or Apple Pages and insert a photo of your loved one with their name.
2. Add customization with twenty-four hour turnaround time.
3. Add customization with a rush turnaround time of 1-2 hours.

Each order prints 4 bookmarks on cardstock paper and comes out to 2.49 inches by 8 inches.

Our personalized memorial bookmarks, on the other hand, are available in soft suede leather or metal aluminum clips. The soft suede leather bookmarks come with a design stamped on the top of the bookmark with a poem. We have a variety of different poems and colors to choose from, and they can be personalized with two lines of text such as the name of the lost loved one and their dates of birth and death. If you prefer an aluminum clip bookmark, these can be personalized with three lines of text and a photo of the deceased and measure 2 inches wide and 3 inches tall.

No matter which option you choose, our funeral bookmarks are the perfect gift for someone who has just lost a loved one or to have available at the funeral or memorial service for those attending to always have something to carry with them that will remind them of the loving deceased. Hang them on the wall or carry them with you in the book you are currently reading so that you always have a companion on your literary journeys and so that they can continue on adventures even after they have left this world.

For more information about our funeral bookmarks or to see everything else we have to offer, visit us online, today, at funeralprogram-site.com. We have DIY templates for funeral programs, prayer cards, announcements, flyer sheets, booklets, thank you cards and more. We also have a wide selection of memorial gifts to choose from such as jewelry, urns, candles, scarves, keychains, frames, blankets, pillows, lanterns and more.

If you know what you need, but are unsure of what to say, we also have Bible verses, prayers, readings, poems, and sermons to browse through so that you can create a memorial service that is personalized to and honors the life of your lost loved one and everything they brought into this world.

For more information about Sympathy Gifts and Funeral Program Please visit: Funeralprogram-site.

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