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Choosing the Perfect Cocktail Dress

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Whether you have a formal wedding or an amazing party to go to, a cocktail dress can make you feel elegant, modern and wonderfully charming. Finding a great cocktail dress in clothing stores in Canada can take a bit of effort, however, so consider some of the tips to help you make a great choice.


Considering Color
When most women think of cocktail dresses, their thoughts go right to black. There is nothing wrong with this, as black is quite attractive, classic and elegant, but there are other colors out there. Don’t be afraid of jewel tones or of deep and lovely colors. Bright colors might be a little too much unless the event is only semi-formal or held outdoors, but even they can be truly charming.

A cocktail dress can come in many different shapes, so the key is to choose one that will suit your body shape. For example, if you have a rather slender figure with a small bust and narrow hips, think about a sheath dress with a dropwaist. If you are more hour-glassed shaped, something with a fitted bodice and bell skirt is lovely, and someone who busty but with small hips can benefit from an empire cut. If you are apple shaped, you might consider a trapeze dress cut to a cocktail length.

When you are deciding on a cocktail dress, the rule of thumb regarding the length is that the longer the dress is, the more formal the event should be. A cocktail dress can fall to midthigh or to slightly above the knees, so find the length that best suits you and the occasion. Remember that shoes can change the look of a dress. Bring along the shoes you intend to wear with your dress to make sure that you are getting a proper hang.

The texture of a cocktail dress is something to think about carefully. If you are going to a wedding or something else where there is a guest of honor, be willing to keep it rather subtle and matte. On the other hand, an event where you are meant to shine should see you doing just that. Some subtle beading or even a little bit in the way of sequins can make a big difference. Choose something with a bit of sparkle when you are heading out for a night on the town.
Cocktail dresses are great ways to make sure that you look your best, so consider what your options are going to be. The key is always to start with a few basic parameters, including length, cut, color and texture, and then to find anything that suits them. This helps you narrow down the choices and find the dress that you want to wear.


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