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Choosing Your AR Upper Receiver

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When it comes to choosing pieces for your AR build, it can be confusing to know where to start. If this is your first time on an AR build, it is essential for you to keep your choices simple and to keep in mind what you will be using it for so that you can choose your parts correctly. With a little guidance and by following instructions from your build kits, you will be able to not only select your parts with confidence but also assemble your firearm.

10" Bear Creek Arsenal AR15 Left Handed Side Charging Upper Receiver/BCG Combo 5.56/.223 Pistol with 10" KeyMod GEN2 Free Float Rail

What is an Upper Assembly?

An Ar Upper assembly is a vital component of any AR building project. It is the part of the firearm that hosts the housing for the internal components and comes in various classifications. Originally the classifications referred to the military designation of each of the available setups. In today’s world, these classifications apply if the receiver has a fixed handle or forward assist. While you can choose which classification you prefer and mix them with a variety of barrel and handguard options, we do suggest keeping your choices simple if this is your first AR building project.

Assembled or Stripped Upper?

In addition to the various classifications of AR upper receivers to choose from, you also have to choose if you will purchase an assembled or stripped receiver. An assembled upper receiver will come with chosen add-ons already assembled. These options include things like a dust cover, bolt group, and barrel. A stripped upper receiver is just the receiver and contains no add-ons; it is perfect for the gun builder that wants to keep costs down and add customization pieces.

The assembled upper receivers are commonly more expensive but can aid in your gun build if there are certain parts of finishing the upper receiver that you do not want to complete on your own. The stripped upper receivers are more inexpensive and allow the builder to customize each piece added to the firearm. Choosing between an assembled or stripped upper is a personal choice, and you should consider all options before deciding.

Completing Your Upper Receiver

Now that you have chosen your AR upper receiver, all that is left is finishing this stage of your gun-building project. If you picked an assembled upper receiver, you would follow the instructions included in your kit to put together any remaining pieces not yet constructed, although traditionally they will already be combined. If you chose a stripped upper receiver, it is now time to head to your shop, gather the needed tools and proceed with installing your forward assist and roll pin. Once that step is complete, you would move forward with the dust cover and insert the barrel. Depending on what options you chose, this process could take awhile, but the result will be an entirely customized AR upper receiver that is ready for the next step of your building project.

Ready to Build? Have Questions?

If you are ready to choose your upper receiver, but have some questions about the options available, contact us today, and our team will be happy to help you choose the upper receiver that is perfect for your gun-building project.

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