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CISDEM OCRWizard Review, Optical Character Recognition Software

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Editing your documents is what most of us computer users find to be a difficult task. Editing a scanned document is indeed a tough task. In fact, you cannot edit a scanned document that easily. Not anymore, CISDEM OCRWizard helps you do it effortlessly. Let us go into finer details of this great tool in this article.

What is CISDEM OCRWizard?

Well, the name itself should indicate it – it is Optical Character Recognition software.

The CISDEM OCRWizard for mac is available for Mac users. It works seamlessly with all kinds of documents.


Be it an image, a PDF document, a scanned file, or even the contact cards – you name the document, and CISDEM OCRWizard works with it. The software uses a powerful OCR Engine that works effortlessly to provide accurate results. CISDEM Apps have always excelled with their simplicity with their utilities.

CISDEM OCRWizard Features

The best in class OCR tool comes with some of the great features to help you out with its unique to it.
Some of the salient features include

Cisdem ocr

• Support fro multiple formats – The tool supports practically all file formats. Apart from popular image formats like BMP and JPG, it also supports lesser used formats like TIFF as well. OCRWizard also supports other regular formats like DOC, DOCX, PDF, or TXT

• Processing of images – The tool can help you correct the errors and other problems in the file from within the file. You can edit the file using the regular modes of file editing like cropping, trimming and brightness adjustment.

• Multi-language support – OCRWizard supports around 50 languages around the world. This language proficiency is what makes it a global choice.

• PDF Converter – The software doubles up as an efficient PDF converter as well. You can convert your PDF file to any other format including TIFF, DOC and many others.

• Business card reader – The tool can also be used to read the details on a business card. OCRWizard can easily read the contents on the card and make them editable.

• Complete integration with Mac OS – Complete integration with Mac OS lets it work seamlessly with all the software needs.

• The OCRWizard works faster and easy to use.
• The tool has a free trial version so that you can make a buying decision later.
• The software is accurate up to 98 percent.
• Image editing flexibility.
• Multiple export options

• The software is a little expensive.
• Working with some languages does not offer satisfactory results.
We could not find any other con with the application apart from those indicated above.

Availability and Pricing

The tool is available from their website. You can download the trial version to get used to the application. Please note that the software is available only for Mac users. If you like the tool, you ca buy it at $59.99. .

The Final Verdict

CISDEM OCRWizard is undoubtedly the best tool as it is a self-sufficient software that would not need you to opt for any additional piece of software. It offers you lots of flexibility and versatility. You can download it from the official OCR Wizard for MAC link. The innovative high-efficiency tool ensures efficient performance.

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