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Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Marriage

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If you’re married, you certainly know that marriage isn’t easy. Despite the love you have for your spouse, things may get complicated if you and your partner aren’t on the same page on many issues. In addition to this, things get even more challenging if you keep making some common mistakes that could ruin your marriage. Social media and romantic movies may fool you into believing the concept of “the perfect couple” but the truth is that there’s no such thing. Every couple is guilty of making mistakes and every relationship goes through ups and downs. It’s impossible to have a conflict-free relationship. In fact, having some arguments and disagreements is a sign of a healthy relationship. But when these arguments and fights become a constant frustration, it indicates a problem.

What Makes a Marriage Fall Apart 

Getting married means, you see all sides of your partner. There’s no filter in a marriage. You and your spouse are emotionally and physically close, making it impossible to avoid mistakes. Making mistakes is normal! But in a marriage, you shouldn’t make the same mistake twice. It’s impossible not to make any mistakes but what’s important is to acknowledge what you did wrong and never do it again. Many men continue to make the same mistakes, without understanding that it’s hurting their wives. So, if you feel like your wife is losing interest, it’s possible because of your repeated mistakes that she has become distant. If you don’t want to head toward divorce, make sure to identify your mistakes. In this post, we’ve discussed the most common marriage mistakes that couples make. If you’re making any of these mistakes, take a step back and make changes to save your marriage from falling apart.

1.Miscommunication or Lack of Active Listening

You can’t expect your spouse to read your mind. You think that your partner understands you well to figure out everything on their own. But this only leads to frustration. Make sure you speak what you want, instead of expecting him/her to do things without telling you. Communication is the most important pillar of a healthy marriage. Both speaking and listening are important to ensure a happy marriage. Share all your feelings openly- fear, happiness, expectations, dreams. Many problems are simply resolved with active communication. And even if the issue isn’t resolved immediately, your spouse will appreciate that you care enough to listen and talk. However, it’s important to engage in positive communication. Heated arguments or excessive criticism will only make things worse.

2.Not Sharing Household Responsibilities

This is the most common mistake that most men make. Even if both husband and wife are working and have a hectic schedule, often women are expected to take care of the family. Make sure to share responsibilities so that your wife doesn’t feel overburdened. 

3.Not Prioritizing Your Partner 

Another common mistake is putting other things first and not prioritizing your spouse. This doesn’t mean ignoring your work or other relationships. But your husband or wife is the most important relation and everything else comes later. 

4.Unrealistic Expectations

People getting married with unrealistic expectations face serious problems. Romantic movies and social media influencers may convince you into setting unrealistic couple goals. But fairytale marriages are a myth. Candlelight dinners at fancy restaurants every week and international vacations aren’t always possible. Marriage is about supporting each other in tough times, accepting each other’s flaws, and respecting your partner. 


Being overcontrolling is another serious mistake that can ruin your marriage. Every person needs some personal space and freedom. Putting too many restrictions and controlling your spouse’s every decision could bring frustration.

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