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Complete guide to online betting: its Advantages

by Soft2share.com


More and more people I know are betting online. Whether at the races or in sport (mainly football). In this article, I will therefore give you the advantages of online betting compared to tobacco or point race.


  • Bonuses

Ufabet betting sites and also other sites offer bonuses when opening an account. This is a significant advantage because it allows you to test the online betting site at a lower cost thanks to the bonus. Be careful, however, most of the time the bonuses are given under certain conditions (this is normal). At the time of writing, here are the bonuses offered by the various online betting sites for turf:

Mostly up to € 150 bonus (see bonus conditions on the site)

  • Convenient

The other undeniable advantage of online betting is that you don’t have to go to the tobacco shop to play. In addition to being practical, it can allow you to earn more: imagine, you are 10 minutes before the start of the race and you realize that you forgot to bet on a horse, you just need a few clicks to make your bet. bet. And it’s the same if you have a last-minute tip. (Not counting the gasoline savings if you go to tobacco by car).

  • Make different bets

With online betting sites, you can bet on turf and sport from the same place. In addition, some sites offer horse racing betting

  • Superior reports

This is not systematic but it sometimes happens that the reports of online betting sites are much higher than those of PMU. This is often the case for single or double bets.

  • See the race online

Not at your place? No access to a tv channel? Most online betting sites allow you to see the race live on their site. The other advantage to making your paper is that some sites also give you access to the replay to watch the race later.

Here is what the different sites offer:

Like in Thai many websites offer live races, a replay of races, and interviews. In terms of life, this is the most complete offer in my opinion.

Some punters prefer to “make their paper” from tobacco because they find it more user-friendly. My uncle, for example, likes to use paper rather than a mouse.

  • Need to pay online (false problem)

Paying online can be scary and if you don’t buy items online, chances are you don’t want to bet online as well.

Except that this is not really a problem because most of the online betting sites offer you to use alternative payments:

Prepaid cards that you can buy “cash” at your tobacco shop: Online wallets such as  Skrill, Neteller, or Paypal also offer a card that allows you to use your earnings to pay for your purchases.

  • Bank transfer

Here is what the different online betting sites offer:

Personally, I bet online because I find it extremely practical and that it allows me to access the lives of the races. In addition, I also bet on sports and the odds of online betting sites are much higher than what we find in tobacco.

Bets organized at sport

  • Single bet: it is a question of predicting a single match only
  • Combined bet: consists of predicting the results of 2 to 15 matches at the same time on a single ticket
  • Multiple bet: consists of predicting the result of 2 to 6 matches.

Among its lots, you can bet your pot on football lotto, rugby lotto, basketball lotto, On this site you can bet live, and the odds on the site are average for the betting market. Parions Sport is available online, on Android, and on Apple mobiles, which allows you to bet via your mobile phone. You can deposit your money by credit card, Paypal, Paysafecard, and withdraw your earnings via a bank transfer

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