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ContentMart Review – Get Content on Demand

by Soft2share.com
  • Have you ever outsourced the writing work only to realize that you were actually cheated with quality?
  • Are you on the lookout of a company which can actually deliver “quality content” every single time?

Well, the above two concerns seem to be the unanimous one. Most of the ordinary service providers fail to deliver “sophisticated” content on regular basis and this is where the “real” problem starts.

Get Content on Demand

This is actually quite a serious issue where taking substandard service may even break “years of relations” with your “client” without you even realizing initially. Yes, considering the gravity of situation, it requires you to be sensible, smart, dedicated with broad base of knowledge by checking the reviews, track record etc

Yes, ContentMart actually does justice to your choice. Since, nothing matters more than “furnishing quality content” every single time. This is basically a part of my own experience where outsourcing work to an agency proved to be the biggest mistake. Yes, “high quality work” which was initially promised, turned into “normal quality content” and then finally “poor quality” where I had to face rejections from my old clients, who meant so much to me. Yes, rejections turned into heated conversations (sadly) and before I could lose one more client, I decided to switch over to ContentMart which my brother recommended to me.

So, what is ContentMart?

ContentMart offered a one stop solution for all my writing needs. No matter, whatever you require in terms of getting content for sales page, blogs, websites or service page or just anything, there are experienced, hardworking and dedicated teams of writers waiting continuously for you to get your queries addressed.

So, why I switched to ContentMart?

You can very well sense the gravity of my concern through years of being in touch with a service provider in the past which always tend to find one excuse or the other for “making up” the wrong they were doing. Yes, something, they hired another writer for few weeks, as their regular writer was ill, or they missed re-checking few articles or the writer missed writing few points as according to them it was due to “some unavoidable circumstances”.

It offers the easiest way to join and start to allocate work and much to my amazement, I just to better get a hold and utility of the site, I posted a project which thankfully turned out to be the easiest thing on earth. Yes, I am not exaggerating the fact that the deadline for completing the articles was nearing, and I couldn’t get a better service provider than ContentMart, even in that little time.

I posted the project and got bids from writers. Based on what I have seen through the site is that I can get writer for different languages as well. In a short span of 24 hours, I got 4 bids where I obviously checked the following things to hold a better grip about the person whom I am going to take the service of :-

  • I chatted with the bidder for knowing more about the years of experience and niche he specializes and number of articles he can possibly write on daily/weekly basis
  • I also wanted to see more samples for making myself sure that I am going with the right person
  • I checked on the reviews which they received from their earlier projects
  • Finally, I awarded the project

Final thoughts

ContentMart for me has been a rescuer from the “mayhem” and “hassle” of earlier times. Now, my client is happy with the fact that I am able to regularly furnish quality articles. There is a full on transparency between “client and me” as well as “ContentMart and me” which makes the union all the more convenient and great to say the least.


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