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Coping with the University Challenge

by Soft2share.com

Every year, proud parents across the UK wave off their sons and daughters to a new life on a university campus. As well as packing books and clothes and a term’s supply of baked beans, the list of essential items for students often includes a new laptop computer.


Which Laptop to Buy?

The range of laptops available can be bewildering and many people find the talk of RAM, ROM and USB very difficult to follow. Prices vary widely as well but, unless a student is specialising in graphics applications, a mid-range laptop will suit the needs of most people who will be using it mainly to write essays, send emails and browse the internet. Of course, technology never stands still and the new range of hybrid laptops that allow you to split the screen from the keyboard to create a touch-screen tablet will no doubt be more desirable, but if you are on a strict budget this new technology comes at a premium.

Buy from a reputable dealer

Size and weight of the laptop may be more of a priority for students as they are more likely to carry them around between lectures and their digs. A good strong laptop bag would also be a wise investment as the more the laptop is moved about the more likely it is to be bumped, knocked or dropped.

Buying the laptop through a respected outlet is vital since after sales help will be more readily available if anything goes wrong or you are struggling with the initial set up. The brand of laptop may also be an important consideration as the success of some brands is usually down to their quality and reliability as well as their innovation in the technology. Some of the top brands, such as Lenovo or Toshiba laptops have earned their reputation over many years and offer peace of mind that they will deliver these core values in every machine.

What Price?

A basic laptop can cost from just over Ā£200 with prices rising to over Ā£1,200 for an all bells and whistles version with touch screen technology. Whilst it may be highly desirable to embrace this level of technology, many parents will be reluctant to spend such a large sum for use in a student environment. As well as the rigours of frequent use and transit of the laptop, student accommodation tends to be less secure than a normal home environment making it an easy target for thieves.

Some students are also less careful than their parents would like to think they are and one spilled cup of coffee can wipe out a whole term of work, not to mention a motherboard. You should budget for good insurance as well as a good backup system. USB sticks on which to store essays are cheap and readily available and will save a lot of heartache. While insurance will cover the loss of a laptop, the USB will prevent the loss of any work.

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