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Crack NEET 2020 With 600+ Points Easily By These Methods

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The National Eligibility Entrance Test is a test for admission to MBBS, BDS, and AYUSH courses across the country, and every year around 15 lakh candidates appear for the exam. It becomes very important for medical candidates to crack NEET with 600+ marks for better MBBS or BDS seats in medical colleges as well as dental colleges. We are telling you through 6 points in this article how to crack NEET 2020 with 600+ score.

1- Know Full Details Of Syllabus

Medical candidates studying for admission to BDS or MBBS or AYUSH courses should be well aware of the NEET syllabus, only then they can crack it. NEET syllabus is prepared on the basis of the syllabus of several state boards, CBSE, National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT). A total of 180 questions come from all these subjects. NEET syllabus covers Physics, Biology, and Chemistry section with 45 questions in each section. Each question gets four marks for the correct answer. The offline entrance exam will be of 720 marks, and one mark is deducted for the wrong answer.

2- Revise All Issues

The syllabus of NEET is very large and requires a lot of time to complete. If a student prepares a chapter or topic completely, then he should keep revising it. It does not matter how good and strong someone has read. You keep revising to keep your concept clear and fresh. This will clear up confusion during the exam. For best revision of each subject, solve 40-50 multiple choice questions with one minute time for each question, only then you will be able to crack NEET with 600+ marks.

3- Need Better Planning For Studies

To score 600+ marks in the NEET exam in 2020, candidates need to plan with a better timetable. This scheme will help them to divide the NEET syllabus and provide equal time ratio for each subject. You should prepare the NEET timetable in such a way that your whole syllabus can be read well by November.

4- NCERT Books Will Make It Easy

According to the subject matter experts and NEET toppers, most of the questions in the question paper of NEET will be based on NCERT concepts of class 11 and 12. Making short notes will help students to remember the points that they revise. Thus it becomes necessary to understand the concepts of each section. 

5- Use Old Paper And Maximum Mock Test

Taking mock tests in NEET and using previous year and old question papers of NEET is also the best plan to achieve a 600+ score. Solving the previous year’s paper and mock test will enhance the questions asked in the exam, structure of the paper, and time management skills.

6- Very Important Tips

Sometimes students start avoiding thinking that they have a lot of time to prepare. It is necessary to achieve for 600+ marks in NEET, and to crack NEET with 600+ marks is to achieve success, hard work, and discipline with smart work. Candidates should channelize their energy for better preparation.

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