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Creating Cottage Inspired Designs for Summer

by Soft2share.com

The beach cottage style is made famous with brightly colored painted furniture and beautiful fabric patterns that feature patterns with birds, flowers, or matching color schemes.  Cottage furniture is usually wood that is brightly painted in coordinating colors. The dining room table can be one color and the chairs can be painted another. Painted wood dressers  can be the same or a coordinated color to match your painted wooden cottage style bed. The designs that go along with the brightly colored furniture can be painting of the sea or ocean life, bright colored fruit bowls, flower vases, and shell creations.Summer is here and to go along with the season of the sun, we have some beach inspired designs to help bring some of the outside into your home in the form of lovely cottage furniture  style accents. Whether you live close to the beach or not, you can still decorate your home with cottage style and make your home feel like it is right on the water along the East Coast of the United States.


Shell designs are one of the best ‘Do It Yourself’ ways to add designs to a cottage style home. Shells are available on the beach or in craft stores and there are so many different shell design projects that you can do yourself to add a personal touch to your cottage style home – whether it is on the beach or if you just wish it was. Shells represent the sea and the beach and are a great design element because they add texture, color, and are very classic. Here are some of our favorite shell décor home projects:

Shell Border: This works best in a smaller room, such as the bathroom. A center wall border can be made by gluing shells onto the wall. This adds both color and texture to your ocean theme. You can also glue shells to the border of your vanity or mirror to create the same effect.

Shell Picture Frames: Glue shells onto plain picture frames to better accent your pictures or art work.

Shell Bowls: Giant shell bowls can be used as table center pieces with flowers inside, a kitchen counter accent filled with fruit, or in the bathroom filled with potpourri.

Shell Vases: Fill different size glass vases with colorful shells to achieve a classy counter top decoration.

Shell Wreath: Let guests know as soon as they arrive that they are in for a beautiful beach inspired design with a door wreath filled with beautiful sea shells. This project can also be done with Starfish too.

Candles: Fill shells in a glass container and put a votive candle on top.

Shell Planters: Larger size shells like conch shells or sea urchins can make great planters.



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