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CRM For Freight Forwarders – Why It Is A Necessity For Your Freight Business

by Soft2share.com

Customer relationship management or CRM is essential for any business, if you want to gain customer loyalty, and improve upon your customer retention rate, which of course leads to an increase in your profits. CRM is basically a management approach that seeks to create, develop as well as enhance relationships with customers that have been targeted carefully so that you can maximise upon the customer value and also increase corporate profitability.

Since freight forwarding is the service sector that is customer intensive, due to the linking of buyers and sellers, and then creating value by the effective delivery of products to customers – delivering high-value customer service is directly related to a freight forwarding company’s performance. Thus, in order to achieve the perfect amount of speed, frequency and reliability in modern freight forwarding services, most businesses in the sector now require CRM for freight forwarders that can aid them in enhancing their efficacy.

There is enough empirical proof that the right approach to customer relationship management is critical to be able to gain a competitive advantage as well as superior performance. Thus, let’s look at why CRM is a necessity for your freight business:

  • One-stop-shop for Management Visibility:With the best CRM for logistics, your sales team become much more efficient and is able to make more sales, since the management would have more visibility into the efforts being put by the team. Instead of having fragmented processes that serve various segments, having a single system that is capable of integrating data entry from sales and operations at the same time, would help in increasing sales and also better customer service.
  • Enhanced Marketing: One of the key factors that helps in improving CRM and sales, is the creation of a sales funnel via effective marketing for both existing customers as well as potential ones. With the right CRM for freight brokers, one can create a marketing strategy with precise attributes such as lane segments, trade profiles, the activity of shipments, etc.
  • Creating Efficient Data and Ensuring Data Quality: Both data efficiency and better data quality are essential for a company to turn its potential customers into quoting opportunities, followed by shipments and revenue. When it comes to data efficiency, having separate customer records, freight records and financial records, leads to lesser efficiency. Having an integrated CRM for logistics companies would enable the three core teams of sales, finance and operations to be able to accept the same records and thus enhance operating efficiency across the company. Similarly, any changes that occur in customer data be it procedures or contacts, having multiple data entries or systems within any business can actually be quite challenging. With the right CRM system, with a common entry point, all the information would be updated in real-time which ensures data quality.
  • Improving Customer Experience: At the beginning of any sales process, your businesses, contact will be interacting with your potential customer, hoping to gain business by committing to certain operating procedures. Of course, being able to adhere to and fulfil these standards is something that is not that easy. But when you have at your disposal, integrated CRM logistics, having access to individual customer profiles goes way beyond just providing a service. Having access to the information regarding whatever the do’s and don’ts of managing a particular account might be, that is updated automatically, makes a huge difference in improving customer experience and being able to provide exceptional service.

With the right kind of CRM for freight brokers, your business would be able to generate comprehensive data and reports that would aid your sales team in focusing upon customer interaction. Benefiting your sales management as well as operations in the back-end, seamlessly, the right software tools, help your team in being able to manage the customers and also in the development of call cycles that make your business much more efficient. With the aid of CRM logistics, your sales team would be able to see all the efforts being integrated, by eliminating the need for manual call reporting, and this results in being able to offer clients better customer service, which of course maximises all your earning potential. So, now that you know how essential CRM for freight forwarders is for your business, reach out to us and we will give you a free demo, that will help you understand its importance and efficacy. Contact us today and let us help you in transforming your customer service.

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