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Crymix a brand new blockchain to bring new age cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology are a few concepts that have indeed revolutionized the world for better. The parallel economy created by Bitcoin as an aftereffect of the economic slowdown of the 2007-08 has given birth to a host of Blockchain based crypto assets that tend to be innovative with their concepts. A new and unique Asian entrant in the Blockchain arena is Crymix Project that is set to revolutionize the economy. What is Crymix and how does it work? Let us find in today’s post.

Crymix – A Brand New Blockchain To Bring New Age Cryptocurrency

Crymix is a new cryptocurrency project that is set to make use of Blockchain technology to change the way the task is done. The company has been involved in research and development of the project since 2013 in association with the University of Tokyo.

What Is Crymix Project?

Crymix has set before itself a well-defined plan for the future. The platform has a vision of three major projects to start with –

  • Crymix has plans of launching its own new Blockchain that is independently operated.  The research in the arena in association with the Tokyo University has been the source of inspiration in that avenue.
  • Development of a crypto coin wallet and a communication platform a la WhatsApp and Line. The crypto wallet is also set to perform the international transaction through the Crymix project.
  • The platform will also launch an exchange for cryptocurrencies. Submission for offering an exchange service will soon be made. The exchange will allow the members to trade in other cryptocurrencies in addition to Crymix’s own crypto coin CRX. It will also facilitate the trading in fiat currencies like US Dollar and Euro among others.

The Complete Crymix Project Structure

To begin with, Crymix is set to launch a communication platform on the lines of WhatsApp. The services offered by Crymix Project will be built directly into the platform and will form part of the core services for the project. The third parties can also take part in the structure. The Third Party Services can be implemented within the platform in the form of Add-Ons or Plugins.

Most of the services – whether core services or third party add-ons – would be decentralized apps. However, some of the applications will be permitted with centralized storage and any other external Blockchain.  

The Core services within the project are –

Communication Platform

It will be chat application that will work with the pattern similar to WhatsApp or other services like them. The platform allows basic voice and messaging services along with file transfer and group functions.

Crymix Wallet

The wallet supports transactions through cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Once the exchange business is approved and comes into the force, it will list Crymix Coin CRX will be listed as the primary currency. The exchange will handle almost all major existing cryptocurrencies along with the fiat currencies. The Crymix wallet will not have any geographical restrictions as such.

Third Party Add-Ons

The platform will also offer an interface that will connect the third parties as well into its fold. The implementation is set to bring a new dimension thereby introducing new versatility to the platform.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, Crymix is one of the prime thoughts originating from one of the industrious nations of the world, Japan. It has poured a lot of efforts into the research and the effort does show itself up in the way the platform has been presented. We would definitely look ahead to a growing future and consider it worthy of investment in every respect.


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