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Customize Your Outdoor Linear Fireplaces with Embers Living

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Fireplaces, fire pits, and stoves are the heart of the gathering. Wood burning, gas, and electric fireplaces all serve as the focal point for social gatherings and imbue a little touch of their charm. A warm summer night is emboldened by the simmering glow of a fireplace just as much as crackling embers invite those nearby to close in on a frigid night. Everyone knows what a wood burning stove or fire pit will lend to the romance of the night, but beyond the realm of wood, there is a whole other world of experiences that those who enjoy the firelight should come to appreciate. Outside of the traditional realms of cast iron stoves and gas inserts is the world of linear fireplaces. Linear gas fireplaces offer the same allure of a wood fire while allowing for some specific conveniences and customizable features, as well.

Why an Outdoor Linear Fireplace?

Simply put, an Outdoor Linear Fireplace is an outdoor fireplace that is linear in design, a straight line typically raised and housed in a chassis that contains the lines or the fuel and the controls. Linear fireplaces are the perfect complement to several different types of outdoor arrangements and patios where a larger or wood burning fireplace would be out of place or inappropriate. Linear fireplaces allow a larger cohort of participants to congregate due to their design. Oftentimes linear fireplaces complement bars and seating areas and their unique open design means that the firelight is thrown more freely than from housed fireplace inserts. Linear fireplaces also offer the convenience of propane or natural gas as a fuel, which means you can have a roaring fire in a matter of moments without the need to maintain or attend a fire or even to clean up afterward.

Also, being gas, linear fireplaces can be particularly fine-tuned to deliver as little or as much heat or light as desired for the situation at hand. Entertaining on a hot midsummer evening may call for a gentle flicker without the blaze, while a cooler autumn night might call for a more heartening blaze that throws some more warmth. With a linear fireplace, this can be at your beck and call with the touch of a button or the turn of a screw. Many linear fireplaces also have automatic safety shut-offs in the event that the flame goes out, as an added safety feature. At Embers Living, you can find not only lines and replacement parts for a host of linear fireplaces, but also the full units from brands such as Napoleon, Majestic, and Superior.

Embers Living – The Ultimate Customer Experience

You can find full outdoor linear fireplace solutions and entire lines of other fireplaces, stoves, and grills at Embers Living, but what sets Embers Living apart from the competition is their customer experience, which they strive to perfect. When you buy from Embers Living, whether it’s something as small as a gas line, or a brand new linear electric fireplace for your new home, you can be sure that you will be getting not only the best the industry has to offer but that you will be in good hands. The team at Embers Living has made it a practice to put their experience in the business at the forefront of their customer service to guarantee that sales result in pure customer satisfaction. If you ever have a question about a product, a system, or a particular unit that you wish to configure to a living space, you can reach out to Embers Living and get the answers you need. Check out their website at BlazingEmbers.com or give them a call at 805-952-5440 to get started today!

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