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Data Collection Services for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

by Soft2share.com

Cogito offers Data Collection and categories for machine learning and artificial intelligence based various applications need such training data for models. Cogito is dedicatedly involved in data collection and classification with labeling and image tagging or annotations to make such data recognizable for machines or computer vision to train AI models.

Cogito is using the advance techniques of data collection services process to make sure the authenticity of data and its reliability of gathering source. Once the data is collected, it is categorized and classified as per the client’s needs making it completely usable for machine learning or AI-based model training and application development for best results.

Data Collection Services

Cogito Offers Data Collection Service with Following Qualities:

  • Data Collection from Reliable Sources
  • Authenticity of Collected Data
  • Data Enrichment Services
  • Image Data Collection Services
  • Text Data Collection Services
  • Video Data Collection Services
  • Multilingual Data Collection
  • Data Classification and Categorization
  • Data Collection for Machine Learning
  • Data Collection for Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Utterance Collection
  • Data Collection with Annotation & Tagging

Cogito works with team of data scientist to authenticate the collection procedure and also analysis the data to extract the useful information and categorize such data for various needs for different companies or enterprises working on machine learning and AI-enabled systems. Cogito provides such data with quality and accuracy to ensure that it can be used for fully functional model development that can work independently with precise results.


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