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Dedicated Server Hosting Offers More Control, Reliability and Flexibility

by Soft2share.com

Organizations having websites with large online traffic and significant data backup and storage needs require the control, security and reliability of dedicated servers. With a complete server devoted to exclusively server your hosting and data processing needs, it is highly unlikely that you will run short of bandwidth, memory and storage among other resources to handle large volume of online traffic and data. The entire server is at your command, which eventually result in more power and resources, and a more reliable and secure hosting option for your organization.

A large number of organizations opt out for shared hosting option to host their website when it is in initial phase and do not attract a lot of online traffic. Shared hosting means your website is hosted on the same physical server that also hosts many websites similar to your own. Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting option available where the service provider offers low-cost hosting services for low traffic website.

However, as your business grows and your online traffic with it, you will realise that shared hosting no longer works in a manner suitable to your cause. Upgrading to dedicated server hosting as such becomes more of a necessity than a choice. Opting for dedicated server in fact has several benefits, making it a hosting option of choice for resource-intensive websites that witnesses a lot of online traffic.
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Some of the major advantages of opting for dedicated server hosting are enumerated as following:

More reliability

Shared hosting is reliable—but only to a certain extent. Dedicated servers are a must if you want added layer of reliability to keep your website online and accessible even at times of dense online traffic. When you have a shared hosting plan, you share server space with several other people. Under such circumstances you run a high risk of not getting enough resources if those resources are being used by other account holders.

Dedicated server hosting is completely bereft of such problems and limitations as the resources of the entire server are at your command. You will never have to worry about your website suffering from downtime or crashes as the entire resources of the server are dedicated to keep your website up and running.

Enhanced performance and security

Opting for a dedicated server hosting invariably translates into guarantee of exceptionally high uptime for your website. Shared hosting fails to perform at optimum level when confronted by dense online traffic. Dedicated server hosting can effectively and efficiently handle high online traffic without any glitches or hassles. This is because there will be no dearth of resources that your website needs to stay online. Dedicated server as such offers more reliability and stability as compared to other form of hosting options.

Higher levels of flexibility

Dedicated servers also offer higher levels of flexibility. You are given the freedom and choice of installing and running any software and application that you want. Moreover the job of managing the server can be outsourced allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies.

Administrative access

Sharing a server with many other account holders carries a significant amount of risk. This is the reason a large number of hosting service providers do not give administrative access to the server. This often limits what you are able to do with your website. This is not an issue with dedicated server hosting as you have the entire resources to yourself and as such you can install programs and perform custom program configurations.

Safe storage facility

Despite a large array of advantages offered by dedicated server hosting, quite a few organizations are wary of having their own dedicated server owing to space constrain. A server will occupy a lot of space and then there is the added responsibility of maintaining it in a climate controlled environment with all the safety measures in place.

The complexity and complications involved in purchasing and maintaining your own server often acts as a strong deterrent for many organizations that lack the space or the technical expertise to keep their own dedicated server. Fortunately there are quality dedicated server hosting providers who can keep your dedicated server in their own data centre. You get all the benefits of a dedicated server hosting solution without having to worry about the storage space for the server or resources to maintain it appropriately for optimised performance.

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