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Designing Tips for Unstitched Suits

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Several historic crafts in the fashion industry have stood the test of time and continue to enchant people with their classic beauty. Chikankari, a subtle and intricate embroidery style that originated in the Indian city of Lucknow, is one such magnificent art form. Chikankari is a popular choice among fashion fans all over the world because of its exquisite beauty and meticulous craftsmanship.

Even though there are many different kinds of Chikankari suits, creating your masterpiece has its own appeal, especially for unstitched suits. Chikankari outfits that aren’t stitched provide you with the opportunity to express your creative vision while customising every element to fit your individual taste. It may be both fascinating and overwhelming to delve into the world of creating unstitched Chikankari.

Take advantage of the opportunity to browse an extensive selection of House of Chikankari that features a variety of alluring patterns made with the finest attention to detail and matched by premium fabrics. Immerse yourself in a universe of limitless options where you may use your discretion to choose the ideal design, fabric, and colour that complements your distinct sense of style and personality.

Check out some tips for unstitched suits:

1. Anarkali Suits

A distinctive feature of Anarkali suits is their graceful, flowing structure. You might select a thin fabric, like georgette, for an unstitched Chikankari Anarkali suit. Intricate chikankari stitching and glitzy accents can be added to the suit’s bodice for extra glitz. For a full traditional look, wear the Anarkali suit with contrasting churidar or leggings.

2. Palazzo Suits

Twirl around in style and excitement with a beautiful Chikankari palazzo suit. To improve the style as a whole, you may also play around with other necklines like the boat neck, V-neck, or square neck. Put the kurta with either plain-coloured or Chikankari-patterned palazzo bottoms.

3. Jacket Suit

Traditional and modern fusion is combined with beautiful jacket suits. The jacket, which has elaborate chikankari embroidery on its front, back, and arms, may be the focal point of the ensemble. Depending on your desire, you can choose a long or short jacket. To make the jacket shine, the inner garment may be kept fairly plain with little chikankari embroidery or of a solid colour.

4. Straight Cut Suit

A straight suit gives a timeless and versatile look. By combining mirror work or stone embellishments, you can add a sense of class. can be worn with a dupatta that is exquisitely embroidered and ankle-length trousers. Long-heightened women will look better in this style.

5. Sharara Suit

Sharara suits are distinguished by their flowing form and wide-legged trousers. Create an unstitched chikankari sharara suit by adding chikankari borders and patterns to the kurta. You can choose to have a deep neckline in the back and an open neck up front. Pick your preferred print and grab everyone’s attention on any occasion.

6. Lehenga Suit

Combining a blouse with chikankari embroidery and a flowy lehenga skirt will result in a lovely Chikankari lehenga outfit. The lehenga skirt can be embellished with Chikankari themes, and the blouse can have elaborate Chikankari patterns on the sleeves to keep it minimal. It would look fantastic when used during a wedding or festival.

7. Short Kurtis with pants

Short kurtis and trousers combine to make a chic and modern look. They provide a cosy and versatile choice for both informal and semi-formal events.  Wear them to work or college in your preferred colour Chikankari unstitched fabric.

8. Punjabi Salwar Suit

Consider wearing a short kurta with a Punjabi salwar to attain and rock a full Punjabi style. You can choose to create the kurta with an open neck in the front accented with Dori and tassels, which gives it a charming touch. As an alternative, a straightforward round neck style might also be chosen.

9. Angarkha Salwar Suit

A wrap-style top or kurta that drapes at the front to create an irregular or diagonal appearance makes the angarkha outfit beautiful. Grace, appeal, and sophistication are expressed in the Angarkha salwar suit.

Enjoy the convenience of purchasing items online while exploring the lovely virtual shopping experience provided by the House of Chikankari. From the convenience of your home, you may quickly browse the whole collection, compare styles, and arrive at a conclusion. Feel the thrill of receiving a parcel that promises an elegant suit, expertly packaged and brought to your home.

Why wait? By ordering unstitched suits from House of Chikankari online, you can unleash your imagination and improve your sense of style. Get lost in a world of gorgeous patterns, opulent materials, and countless opportunities. House of Chikankari wants to provide you with everything you need to express your distinct sense of style and build a wardrobe that is a true reflection of who you are with every stitch.





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