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Difference Between Authentic And Replica Germany Soccer Jersey

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For fans of the Germany national football team, Adidas has made authentic and replica versions of the team’s soccer jersey. Although the two versions look similar to each other, hardcore fans can differentiate them on the basis of technology, fit, and various other elements. If you are thinking of buying Germany soccer jersey, then you need to know the difference to ensure you make a purchase that meets your requirements.

Let’s start discussing the difference.

 Authentic Vs. Replica 

As discussed earlier, the Germany jersey can be differentiated considering factors like fit, technology, and details. Authentic jerseys are also called match jerseys because they are exactly similar to ones worn by players on the field. On the other hand, replicas are fan-directed products. These jerseys are more durable and cost-effective than authentic ones. 

  • Fit       

The authentic soccer jersey by Adidas comes with a snugger fit than the other type. It is because players require a jersey that doesn’t move easily or can be grabbed by others on the field. On the other hand, replicas are normal-sized jerseys that can be worn for many hours. 

  • Technology

Whether you are buying a jersey or a Germany soccer jacket, you can easily notice the difference in technology between an authentic and a replica product. Adidas has made authentic jerseys to make sure they have ventilation. There are laser-cut holes in these jerseys. Also, an authentic jersey is lightweight. On the other hand, replicas are simple jerseys that are not made using advanced technology.

  • Logo & Details

To keep authentic Germany soccer jersey lightweight and make it more comfortable for players, Adidas has put heat-pressed logos on it. In the case of replicas, the logos are embroidered on the jersey. Other minor details to notice to understand the difference include the neck flag and upper back text. 

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Where To Get Germany Soccer Jersey  

Whether you want to purchase an authentic Germany soccer jersey or a replica, make sure that you get a product created by Adidas. You may come across many online stores that offer low-quality team jerseys at a cost-effective price. 

However, these jerseys are low-quality products that are not comfortable to wear. Apart from that, they do not include those minor details that a soccer jersey needs to have. If you want to look like a true Germany football team fan, then you should purchase a branded jersey made by Adidas. Here, you also need to ensure that you are purchasing the jersey from a reputed store known for its genuine products. 

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