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Different types of Generators

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There are different types of power generators. Of course generators come in different sizes, types, qualities and power. It is up to you to purchase the most favorable size. There are small size generators, residential unit generators, portable RVs and industrial generators. In this article, we will review the best generators. Below are popular types of generators;

  • Solar generators
  • EMD generators
  • Diesel generators
  • Portable generators
  • Natural gas generators

Solar generators

Solar generators use energy from the sun to recharge a battery inside. After the battery is full charge, the inverter is used to change the power to alternating current electricity. You can now use the power on anything including home power equipments and electronics. Solar energy is capable of meeting all your energy requirements.

Solar generators are powerful, noiseless and provide a sustainable solution. Solar generators have low maintenance cost. All that you need is enough sun to power your generator. These generators come in different sizes and power outputs.

EMD generators

These are among the best generators available. These generators are powerful and very effective. They are called electromotive diesel generators. These are low RPM generators, they are low risks and do not require a lot of maintenance. These generators are useful and have a broad variable of performance and functionality.

Diesel generators

It is important to note that diesel generators are among the best and most popular generators. These generators are a combination of electrical generator and diesel engine. These generators come in different sizes and have different power output. These generators are useful and reliable for more complex applications including grid support, peak lopping and exporting power to the energy grid.

Portable generators

These generators are portable. Most of them have wheels that make them portable and mobile. These generators can be used in big homes and can also be used for industrial use. When you are buying portable generators you will need to check on the power, performance, durability, maintenance and other important factors. According to the latest reviews by customers, portable generators are among the best you can find on the market today. They provide a great

value for your money. There are different types of portable generators. These include

  • Portable RV/Recreational generators
  • Portable residential generators
  • Portable industrial and construction generators
  • Mobile towable generators

Portable RV generators

This is a great generator. It features an inverter technology. This technology makes the generator super still and very effective and functional. This is a high powered generator that gives you cleanest power for home or office based electronics such as computers, TVs etc.

Portable residential generators

This generator is among the best portable generators. It provides power to basics items. You can use this generator whenever the power goes out. This generator is economical and easy to maintain. It is a durable machine that services the purpose. When you are buying a portable residential generator, you should buy from a reputable brand. Buy the best that will give you enough power and service. As the name suggests, these generators are for residential use.

Portable industrial and construction generators

These generators can either be used for construction or industrial use. They are bigger in size and produce great power. You should always check the power output, fuel consumption, portability, and price. If you are looking for a good generator for your job site, you should consider buying this generator.

Mobile tower generators

These are diesel generators. These generators are powerful and mobile. These generators use diesel. They are powerful and transportable. These generators are suitable for industrial and construction activities. These generators can be used with various voltage applications.

Natural gas generators

These are generators that run on natural gas. If you are looking for a generator that runs on natural gas, you will need to consider natural gas generators. Just like others, they vary in size and power output. It is your choice to buy the best one depending on how you want to use and the power that you expect a generator to provide.

Standby generators

These are big generators. Unlike other generators, these generators are bigger, more powerful and not mobile. These generators are usually used with automatic transfer. They are used for agricultural and industrial purposes.

There are other types of generators such as induction generators and synchronous generators. If you want to buy a generator, you will have to consider important factors. Of course, the size, the power, portability, and performance are the most important factors you will have to consider. Generators come in different sizes and from different brands. If you are looking for portable generators, you will need to choose from the list of best portable generators. If you are looking for an industrial generator, you will also need to consider important factors. Performance is a very important aspect that buyers ought to consider.

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