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Different Ways to Upgrade a Garmin Nuvi GPS

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If you have been using a Garmin Nuvi GPS device, then you must be aware of the message that appears on the screen from time to time, telling you to update your maps. It is important that you download new update software as often as you can because Garmin releases new map databases four times a year.

But, do you have any idea about the cost of Garmin Nuvi GPS map updates. Here, we’ve laid a brief overview of all the options that are available for Nuvi GPS owners, so that they can make the best decision about which is the best one to choose.

There is even an option for free Garmin map updates, which can be used only by a few customers. Continue reading the below-mentioned given points to find out everything you need to know about getting a new map update for your Garmin Nuvi map device.

How Much It Costs to Update a Garmin Nuvi Map?

Garmin nuMaps Update for One Time

Although you can opt for free Garmin map updates if you don’t find the one. You can opt for the Garmin nuMaps Onetime offer that will probably best suit you. The price to refresh your maps for one time is under 50 USD dollars. By doing so, you can rest assured of having updates on any road, route and address changes onto your GPS Nuvi map.

Garmin nuMaps Update for Lifetime

The cost of Garmin map updates for a lifetime is nearly 89.99 USD. It is the most expensive one, and many don’t consider it the best value for money option. By purchasing this update service, you can download & update maps after every 4 months directly from the Garmin website.

Garmin nuMaps Update for Free

This option offers you to download and install Garmin Nuvi update maps free. This is the most preferential update option for Garmin Nuvi owners. But, you will only qualify for free Garmin map updates when you update the map software in the first 90 days of its ownership and purchase.

Download Updates from Garmin Website or SD Card?

Garmin Nuvi map updates cost the same; whether you download them from an SD card or install them from the Garmin website. It’s very simple to update maps and all you need is to connect your Garmin GPS Nuvi device to the myGarmin website using the USB cable that came with the device’s box. The Garmin website will recognize your device model and accordingly, suggest you the right map updates.

Need Help

If you still are not able to completely understand any aspect of Garmin Nuvi map updates, then you should get in touch with the tech experts through Garmin Nuvi GPS map updates number to avail the best possible help without any delay from the skilled technicians, who are available 24X7 throughout the year.

In the End

Garmin’s Nuvi GPS devices give its users the ability to track their routes for all destinations. However, a GPS unit works only when the maps and related updates are properly installed on it. There are times when GPS map needs to be updated to apply new functionality, features, and other changes. Thus, updating maps on a GPS Nuvi device is something, which requires only several minutes or hours, depending on the size of the update.

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