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Digital Marketing Job Opportunities in India

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There is plenty of scope for a digital marketing expert in India. There are ample opportunities for fresh graduates and experienced professionals alike. In the past 2 years, we have observed significant growth in the popularity of digital marketing jobs. Unlike before, digital marketing has become a lot more skill-intensive and competitive, as it has become more than just a buzzword in today’s times. Nowadays, more aspirants are opting for digital marketing as a promising career option.  It is not surprising to find that professionals from different domains find this stream an intriguing one. Without doubt professionals from a diverse background such as sales and marketing, IT, writing, web designing, and business want to get into this online marketing.

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While browsing the internet, you stumble upon all kinds of content, be it funny memes, viral videos, or captivating blogs that might capture your fancy.  If you have a knack for getting into the details behind how viral marketing strategy and excellent content work in tandem on any given project, you would be well suited for taking up digital marketing jobs in India. The world has gone digital and India is not an exception. This is backed by the fact that all companies in India understand that having an online presence is necessary for the growth of a business, simultaneously paving the way to a lot of career opportunities in the region. However, this progressive field requires a professional to develop his/her skills in accordance with the constantly evolving world of technology.

With the emergence of digital marketing jobs, it became obvious that creative professionals will now get a medium of expressing their talent and conveying their message in front of a global audience. For those individuals who shared a penchant for specific skills, let’s say, coding or writing, this platform offered ample options in making a career choice. Even though digital marketing heralded the change in marketing, the ongoing trends will completely transform the way we do business.  With that being said, here are some major trends to look out for in 2019 are:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are becoming integral to changing business’ needs.
  • More voice search based marketing activities are coming into the mainstream, clearing the way for voice-based automation services like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
  • The way voice-based shopping is making it extremely easier to order any product just by saying it aloud on Alexa. That alone has made it obvious that the future of digital marketing jobs will grow by leaps and bounds.
  • Today’s professionals need to actively update their technical skill sets to climb up the career ladder in the field of digital marketing.
  • It’s been some days since Google did some modifications in its advertising platform such as by integrating artificial intelligence into Google Ads.
  • The growing smartphone penetration has made it obvious that businesses should keep their offerings in line with the massive smartphone user base which is why Google AMP (accelerated mobile pages) project positively affects the digital marketing activities.
  • Taking a customer-centric marketing approach and the power of data/insights into consideration, digital marketing professionals will be able to better predict the outcomes of their marketing efforts
  • Important pillars of marketing promotion like social media, outstanding content, eye-catchy design (UI and UX) will surely continue to play a vital role in marketing activities.
  • Personalized searches will become a factor to reckon with as evidenced by the fact that personalized searches through mobile assistance have grown by a substantial percentage, viz. more than 60% in the last two years. Find the source here.

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The best part about considering digital marketing jobs as the most viable career option is that you don’t require a comprehensive 4-year or 2-year course to land a new job. All you need is a certification course along with your expertise to outshine every other contestant out there. Just remember that companies always seek candidates that can contribute to their fullest potential in achieving business objectives, so it boils down to your abilities and willingness to bring a change to the organization you work for.

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