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Digitalinear SEO Techniques to Advantage Responsive Web Design

by Soft2share.com

Responsive web design (RWD) is an important element in which defines how web pages are displayed accordance to the size and device type such as desktop, tablets or mobile. Surprisingly more than half the traffic that comes on a website comes from portable device like mobile phone.

It is important to make sure your webpages are displayed correctly on every device type and loads up in reasonable time. The website should be easy to navigate even on a small screen. Digitalinear can help you access how responsive is your web design and make improvements. Furthermore, if you are still at a stage of creating a website then Digitalinear can help assist you on how to create a responsive web design from an early stage.

The easier the website is to navigate and load up; the better it is for the user to access the webpages they need from the website. This way there are more chances for the users to return to use the website. Digitalinear assesses and ensure that your website is quickly loading on a normal desktop and a smaller smart phone or table screen.

It is vital to know that search engine prioritises websites that have a responsive web design. Having RWD increases chances of better search engine ranking and web traffic.

Another reason to have a good RWD is so it makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for easily. The time a user spends on the website is assessed. If users are existing your website webpages quickly then it shows, they are unable to find what they need. But if users are spending a decent time and clicking further internal links or options in the navigation then this indicates a positive RWD. Leading on from this you can gain users to subscribe to the website.

It is a better choice to have a single website platform that can be displayed on a desktop and a tablet. It has not advised to make to different platforms for the 2 different types of devices as this will cause duplication of the data that is on your website. Duplication is a factor that search engines dislike and bring the ranking down. So, the same element would be to make a good responsive website from the beginning that can be streamed on different device sizes.

A good RWD will also reduce the number of bounce rate. Bounce rate means when users visit the website and exist after a short time but if the website is user friendly and loads in a good time then bounce rate can be reduced.

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